View Full Version : Feeling really guilty !!!!!!

15-12-2009, 12:13 PM
Had two sets of parents coming to see me, one came last wk and then again yesturday wanting monday-friday and sign contracts with first mth payment, the other was meant to come today at 1.30pm but I have just phoned her and asked her not to come..... My problem as from january, I will have 3 picks from school, 2 from the same school as my children go too & a pick up from another school and my own 3 children, any other days not a problem but mum wants monday and tues for her twins, I have to pick up 2 mindee, my 3 children and these twins I wouldnt be able to get them all in the car only have 7 seats. I felt really bad/guilty for letting her down.......:(

15-12-2009, 02:05 PM
oh well like i say to all my parents first come first served,..... its the way of the world, you cant do anything about it unless she changes days hours maybe can you not recommed a cm to her. that is what we do in my area.

15-12-2009, 02:10 PM
I tell mine that I have others visiting (even if I don't :blush: ) - I also say I will need to find the children which fit in best with current mindees and my family so it is best for all. I sometimes pass on CM friends numbers if they have vacancy and I can't do it.

Luckily the 3 I have coming in the New Year all fitted with me, my family and other mindees so they can all come :thumbsup: