View Full Version : how do i begin?? please help!!

12-12-2009, 06:45 PM
I am just starting childminding I have my own little boy who 6 month,so i quit my full time job to mind instead, now i worried no terrified!! that i wont get any children to look after. There are alot of minders in the area already, I have just got a website up and running in the last 2 weeks and i have had flyers printed, i wondered if anyone got any advice on what worked for anyone else?????


12-12-2009, 06:59 PM
Slow down - your status says pre-reg - how far along are you in the process?

12-12-2009, 07:03 PM
take a chill pill!!!!! word of mouth did it for me being seen going to toddler groups and getting myself known.

12-12-2009, 07:08 PM
First of all...take a deep breath, it will be ok!

Have you got adverts on netmums and childcare.co.uk? both are free and I've had enquiries from my adverts on there. I also have a magnet on my car (from vistaprint) and leave my cards anywhere I can at toddler groups, pre-schools etc.

It doesn't really matter if there are lots of childminders in your area already because I believe it's all about personalities and you'll find that you'll just click with some parents and they'll choose you. Hope that makes sense :blush:

And finally...sending good (((vibes))) they often work on here!

12-12-2009, 09:03 PM
Pink lady is right, if they like you and their child likes your setting they will go with you no matter how many childminders in your area.

Good luck!


14-12-2009, 02:52 PM
I have just got registration threw sorrt if sounded stressed!!!! lol

14-12-2009, 02:55 PM
thank you everyone for your comments i know i sound crazy just starting something like this is very dawnting and new to the area where i live all in all is overwhelming to say the least lol

14-12-2009, 05:12 PM

I also gave up my full time job to be a Childminder - my son was a baby and I gave up £17k a year to become self-employed :eek:

I was worried for all the same reasons, but we sat down with expenditure and bills and worked out what the minimum children/days/fees we could survive off and I have ALWAYS been above that amount.

I have found that the more money you earn the more money you spend and we can manage on much less than we ever imagined. Money has been great as I no longer have any childcare to pay for so we are financially better off than if I was working.

I took too many children on and Childminding became a chore so I have just reduced my numbers at a time when everyone else is praying for more :rolleyes: but even on a really bad day I just think to myself - what job would allow me to spend so much time with my son?

Those first few years are precious - try to enjoy your time with your son - get to ALL the toddler groups you can find and take your flyers :thumbsup:

I have visited lots of Childminders in my area as they have become friends and although I respect them and we help each other with passing on enquiries etc we are all different and parents will all like something different. Parents like me because I have so many resources and the set-up means we are all together all the time (not separate rooms, more open plan) but other parents like my friend as she is "mature" and has a lot of experience. Some prefer me as I have my own son who is still little so my experience is "recent" all parents are different and want different things.

Make a list of your good points and talk about them :thumbsup: