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09-12-2009, 03:15 PM
I mind an afterschool, 3 days a week from 3 til 6.30.

Had a call form mum on Monday askinf if i could have DD from 1215 as she hadnt gone into school today cus mum had had a panick attack on the weekend, and had to have an ambulance. Which was fine as its extra money for me. Half hour before she was due to arrive had a phone call saying that she wasnt going to work she was far to ill and shes let me know about today and that her mum was coming to look after her.

Today i got a text saying her mum was staying till next Thursday so is only have to pick her DD up next Friday 18th, and how much does she owe me. I worked it out and texted her the amount. Then i got call asking why ot was so much as i had to refund her half for this whole week, then it was only half for 2 days next week ..... blah blah blah.

So i had to go through with her day by day what was due and that i had refunded half for this week, and that it was so much (£47 !!) because i wasnt seeing her this week for her to pay me, so next week shes be a week in arrears and what she would normally pay on tht friday would also be due, not to mention the friday after is xmas day so she'll have to pay me on the wednesday for the following week.

I did actually say to her i have worked it out and i wouldnt rob her, to which i got the "oh dont be silly i dont think that".

You know there been many a time iv undercharged her when shes decided not to send DD to school and i had her for extra hours, shes been late loadsa times but i dont add extra money on. And the one occasion i overchaged her i told her the day after and refunded her.

And like a right idiot i charge by 15 mins not full hours (£3 per hour or 75p per 15 mins) so when she decided to start work earlier meaning she fininshed ealier aswell and gave me a weeks notice like a mug i just took the £1.50 an hour off without a second thought. My charges sheet does say £3 an hour im just too soft and if the finish ealry or only attend part of the hour i take it off.

Id love to change the way i do charge for full hours only but im soft and dont want her to go on and on about it in the ditheirng way she usually does.

Cant wait for September when my DD starts school full time and i can serve notice.

Rant over, got it off my chest now !!

10-12-2009, 07:14 AM
Sounds like one of my parents ha ha

Well done though for sticking to your guns and explaining it all to her - often we dont like to say do we

Maybe you need to get a tiny bit tougher though and stop being so soft - from the person that should take her own advice :laughing: :laughing:

Hope you are feeling better now

Angel xx

lou lou
10-12-2009, 07:48 AM
sounds like me i am far too soft my parents get away with loads with me not charging what they should be charged half the time i need to be more strong

10-12-2009, 08:09 AM
sounds like me i am far too soft my parents get away with loads with me not charging what they should be charged half the time i need to be more strong

Make it one of your New Year resolutions - review your contracts and start charging full hours!

Miffy xx