View Full Version : Hello everyone! Help I need some mindees!!??

09-12-2009, 11:04 AM
Hi there, I have been registered since May, but so far have only had a couple of after school children, then lost them when they went to secondary. I have put up cards everywhere, put some ads on-line etc, but apart from a couple of general enquiries I have nothing :(
Does anyone have any ideas as I'm getting a bit desperate now.
Any help would be fantastic :clapping:

Thank you

09-12-2009, 06:19 PM

It's quiet around here at the moment too I have space due to little one moving but have had very few enquiries - I don't think it helps that the ************* website has gone - I still find the new one quite confusing (it doesn't take much!), even though my details are correct at last.

Have you looked at Vistaprint - they have lots of products for advertising - I know they sell magnetic signs for cars (don't know if you drive), I think some people may have had a problem Vistaprint but I haven't had any difficulties with any orders I have placed.

Will the school take your details to pass onto any parents asking about childcare? Have you tried netmums - I have had one mindee through them (unfortunately she's the one that will be leaving me next week), how about asking other childminders to pass on your details if they have enquiries that they can't help.

I expect you have tried most of these but hopefully you will get some enquiries soon - I'm hoping parents are just too busy with Christmas and the phone will start ringing in the New Year!