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27-11-2009, 03:24 PM
After a good start...baby mindee came to me this afternoon and wasnt well. She had a bad cough...genrally unhappy wanted pickuing up constantly etc etc. All she wanted was attention but for obvious reasons i couldnt give due to my other mindees.

It got to 2 o clock and she was screaming....i thought..ive got to ring dad. I rang...told him she wasnt well and he said right ill come for her. Anyway ten minutes later he turns up....with mum and other son. And rings an ambulance

Baby mindee by this point was absolutely fine...calmed down and not crying...obviously just wanted mum cos she was feeling unwell!!!

So i had an ambulance and 2 fast response cars outside my house. I oculdnt believe it i just said "what have you rang an ambulance for????" I was so shocked!! So now i think ive upset them for questioning there actions!!

There is more to the story...dad works nights...mums just got another job hence there need for me. But dad doesnt want kids to come to childcare...he doesnt want mum to work. So i think hes blown all this up out of proportion so he can cause a fuss to mum!!

And...they have left other son with me (who is with me odd days) until they have been to hospital!!!

Do i need to record all this anywhere???

Sorry for the rant im so stressed!!!!

27-11-2009, 03:31 PM
If an ambulance is called for a child it is considered a serious incident and you must inform Ofsted... even though it wasn't needed it must be logged somewhere on their system.

Also write it up as your inspector might want to see what happened at your next inspection.

Hope your day improves and lo is ok xx

27-11-2009, 03:44 PM
What Sarah said and also that Dad sounds like a bit of a nutter! :( Hope the ambulance people told him off.
Time for some wine methinks..:)

27-11-2009, 03:54 PM
Sarah do i just ring them up and tell them??? Also when i write this as an incident do i put that in my opinion an ambulance wasnt needed?? Im so stressed and upset about this now!!!!

27-11-2009, 04:26 PM
Yes give them a ring - 08456 404040

Don't get upset they won't be cross or anything, it just needs logging on their system.

I would say to them... a child in my care was ill with xxx symptoms. I contacted parents to come and collect her and they rang the ambulance as they were concerned she had something serious. I did not ring the ambulance as I do not consider it to be serious, just that she needed to be at home as she was unable to join in with the activities here.

The ambulance arrived at xx pm. The paramedics checked the child out and said she wasn't ill enough to go to hospital. The parents then took her to the doctor's surgery to be checked out.

Don't criticise the parents or say they over reacted - that's not your place. You just need to put your practical head on and report it as it happened.

Ofsted might ask for it in writing, but they might not, it depends on the incident and varies.

it's over now, make the phone call then get on with your weekend xx

27-11-2009, 05:47 PM
Oh poor you - looks like dad over-reacted in a big way.

Hope they're back to collect the other lo soon!

Miffy xx

27-11-2009, 05:56 PM
OMG, what a nightmare.

BTW - Did the ambulance crew support the child going to hossie ? (as you mentioned LO had still gone there.)

27-11-2009, 06:51 PM
Mum insisted she go to hospital but ambulance crew were just shocked that baby wasnt blue as mum had said that over phone.

Baby was not blue in the slightest...if she had of been i would have rung ambulance!

I just cant get over what has happened. I felt completely overwhelmed and with other mindees running all over, baby's mum and dad pacing up and down and im just shell shocked!!

27-11-2009, 07:50 PM
Hi Lisa,
So sorry you've had this happen today: what a very strange thing to happen, and a nightmare from your point of view. It must feel surreal ...
It sounds as though these parents have their issues and you can't necessarily rely on them seeing things clearly when the drama is over: their version of events may be quite different to yours, especially when they realise they've totally over reacted.
Just in case....
If I was you I'd write everything down in the factual way Sarah has suggested, for your own records. Now. While its all still fresh in your mind.
I'd get the parents to sign this too, before you take the baby back into your care. I'd also make it clear to them you've informed Ofsted of the facts, that a child leaving your setting in an ambulance requires that action; it has been logged etc so that they can see you have acted according to 'the rules'.

I think this will lessen any chance of them making you their 'scapegoat' for their own hasty and ill-considered actions... I'm still struggling with why the Mum would even say that to the emergency services when it wasn't the case...? Doesn't sound quite rational to me, which is why I personally would be suspicious of their actions and tread very carefully and ... correctly.

I assume the little one is home now and well? Hope so :-)
Hope you've managed to relax a bit too. I prescribe lots of deep breaths and a hot bubbly bath, at least up to your chin :D .

Very best wishes,

27-11-2009, 08:23 PM
I have written everything up and going to ring mum to go see her tomorrow to sign it.

I personally think that mum has an attention thing going on. Ive known her a couple of years and to be honest I should have seen something like this coming. Any sort of attention she craves...even if its the wrong kind.

This has put me off everything...i was really enjoying my job and now ive been made to feel as though i dont know what im doing!! I honestly would have rung an ambulance if i thought anything was seriously wrong.....i just cant get my head round it.

The thing im worried about is what to do if mum disagrees with my report on what happened. I have stuck to the facts and detailed everything but what do i do if she disagrees and wont sign??? God im so stressed out...i cant relax. I just keep sitting and going over things in my head and crying!!! I know im being daft but this has really knocked my confidence!!!

27-11-2009, 09:01 PM
hi Lisa,
From what you've told us I can't see any reason to think any of this is your fault.

You contacted parents to collect their child when it was clear she wasn't feeling well. Their reaction and subsequent behaviour is their responsibility, not yours. Presumably little one is now home, panic over?

If Mum doesn't sign your account, don't worry about it. However, if you log the info with Ofsted first and tell her casually that they know all about it when you go to see her, (I'd say you're coming round to see a well baby with your own eyes: you were worried.), then she probably will. Treat it as you would any incident form, like giving calpol: It is just routine after all.

The main thing though, is, you've done nothing wrong and you're dealing with it professionally.
Its all you can do at this point.

Hope you feel better soon :)