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25-11-2009, 08:04 PM
Please would anyone be kind enough to help me?

Im trying to do planning

Medium term planning

I'm choosing a theme eg Winter
Then Im writing a list of activities I could do
Paper snow flakes, chalk pictures on black paper etc

Do I now need to do 1 activity for each of the 6 areas of
learning and development?

Short term planning

I specify 1 child then do I choose a development matters section

eg Enjoy babbling and increasingly experiment with using sounds and words to represent objects around them

Then choose an activity that will cover this

Then link this to the EYFS and the themes and commitents

3.1, 2.2

Is this correct? Am I missing something?


25-11-2009, 08:49 PM
Make it less complicated for yourself.

Winter... short term planning... following children's interests

John is interested in snowflakes - talk about size & shape (psr&n); make using scissors (pd); explore colours (cd)...

Ok so far?

Now, you also want some group planning in place for winter... but this again can be short term.

So you plan for the group to contribute towards a winter display.

John will make his snowflakes...

Janet is really into wearing her hat and scarf just now... so she can decorate some snowmen...

Thinking about the 6 areas of L & D...

One way of doing it is to have a piece of paper in 6 boxes...

Think of a range of activities to go in each box... BUT you don't need to use them all, they must be flexible because children's interests change.

So keep it really loose and as last minute as you can...

And don't worry, anything you do not use this year can be carried over to next.

Does that make sense? :D

25-11-2009, 09:10 PM
Thank you Sarah That makes perfect sense and sounds less complicated and like it will be less time consuming

I had not even thought about group planning :panic:

I have a table with 6 boxes so it will be perfect to think of activities to do with winter that fit into the l & D areas.

For some reason I like to be far to complicated.Thank you for the advice about not having to use them all I thought your plan had to be followed but just had to include some free play.

Thank you for your reply

25-11-2009, 09:23 PM
I do a mixture of advance and looking back planning...

I always have an idea of what we are going to do and I can show evidence to Mrs O that I am covering the 6 areas...

BUT I also fill in planning after the event because the children have a habit of taking things in different directions.

So for the after schoolers today I had planned for us to think about robin red breasts... winter theme etc.

We talked about birds and read a bird book... we thought about our favourite birds and read the robin rhyme...

We chatted a bit about the bird feeder outside and said we'll make a new cake of bird food tomorrow... planning done!

We discussed how to make birds and one of the children had the wonderful idea of hand print wings!

So we experimented with a variety of hand shapes until we got wings like an angel, a round face at the top and an oval red in the middle of the hands... then another child added a feather as the tail and we had the best robins ever!

I could never have planned that! :D

26-11-2009, 09:30 AM
Gosh Sarah don't you get a lot done after school, after mine having toast etc its nearly time to go home.
What ages are your after sch's, just wondering as one of mine is a ten year old boy and just wants to watch tv, does not usually wish to join in anything else we might be doing.


26-11-2009, 07:57 PM
Thanks Sarah That sounds like an amazing bird.

You cant beat it when you have a fantastic idea and they make it even better, Children have brilliant imaginations and together they could conker the world.

Its when you get results like that you feel like all the planning was worth it

Take care x