View Full Version : Learning journey book, what to include

25-11-2009, 02:16 PM
Right, getting to grips with this at last I've written up at least 6 obs and linked them to the 6 areas of learning and then linked again to the sub headings such as 'Dispositions and Attitudes...ect.
I've put down next steps, to include new experiences or look at books or visit something, but stuck on what to do with the 'planning sheets'.
Do I keep those seperate anyway?
The other things that I was going to include in the learning journey were just straight obs (no photos) and maybe some little drawings.
I just want to get it out to the mindees parents to have a look at over Xmas and write their comments in it. :thumbsup:

25-11-2009, 05:19 PM
I put in my planning sheets for the mindee I put these in at the back. I also put in any drawing etc which they have done (I have also linked these to the 6 areas). Any observation goes in mine with or without photo. I am even trying to get out of my need to rewrite the obs to make them look neater.

I also spilt my learning journey down into the six the areas and put the relevent ob to area.