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05-11-2009, 10:08 AM
I have been asked the following question by pm.

I thought I would share the answer as it might help others. :D


I am registered for 5 children under 8yrs, not more than 2 may be in the early years age group.

I have 2 children aged 2 years and have had 4 enquiries. all for after school!!!

is that something i can ask ofsted about? increasing my numbers?
The children are 5,6 and 8?


Ok you can have 5 under 8 and of those 2 can be under school age (from birth to end of nursery / playgroup)...

Your under school age children quota is full now, you can't take any more.

I am assuming you already have a child of your own who is not yet in school..?

So... according to your certificate, you can have 3 more children, aged from reception year upwards, without having to change your registration.

For example, on a Tuesday, I have...

Baby - age 1

Toddler - age 2

Child at Playgroup 1/2 day - age 3

I am allowed 3 in the early years group as my children have grown up.

I then have...

Reception child - age 5

Year 1 child - age 6

AND I could, if I wanted, take on another school child to make up my 6 under 8s.

Once a child goes to full time, 10 sessions a week school they are classed as 5 for your ratios... they are still in the Eyfs and you still need to do obs etc with them.

This is written following information taken from Ofsted's ratios confirmation letter to Pips which is pinned at the top of the Minding Chat forum! :D