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04-11-2009, 06:31 PM

I started a child this week (4 this month) who goes to school nursery. I collect him at 11.30-13.30 3 days and 11.30-16.30 1 day. Bearing in mind on the 3 days after getting home and having lunch there is about an hour and the other day less than 3 hours because of school run and the fact that his parents (teachers) would prefer him not to have structured activities after being at nursery, what would ofsted expect of me?

Mum is going to talk to the nursery for me tomorrow as I dont collect him. I have said that I could do with knowing from the nursery/parents where he is regarding his areas of learning. I did try to find out in a fun way today how far he could count, what letters he knew, colours and shapes. I thought I could then just note any advancement on these without instigating any learning activities, apart from having learning acitivities out which could help but he would have to choose to do them.

Ooh bit of a ramble there.

I would be grateful for any thoughts.

04-11-2009, 07:23 PM
When a child is somewhere else you need to aim to complement the activities and learning he is doing there.

So if he has done painting at nursery, you wouldn't usually have the easel out... if he has done playdough at nursery you might set out some painting...

Another big part of our job is to give children plenty of time to rest after a session at another setting... that's complementary care as well.

Your documentation can follow his routine - walk home, look at nature, talk about cars, take off own coat and shoes, eat lunch, wash hands independently etc... all of those activities are meeting the 6 areas of learning and development.

Then if he does something fab, wowwy, zippy or just that you want to share with parents, you can write it up in his learning journey folder.

hth :D

07-11-2009, 08:50 AM
Thanks, am getting parents permission to look at his folder and Nursery said they will go through it with me and help me areas to focus on. I will probably only do a focus activity on the day when he is with me all afternoon as the other 3 days are really too short.