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03-11-2009, 06:11 PM
one parent is late paying from last week getting a bit fed up as she is sending her b/f to pick mindee up tonight i ask b/f to ask mum to ring as i need to speak to her
well she rings in the middle of tea and says are u ringing caus i have nt paid you laughing i said no its becasue mindee has took someone of my sons the day before and when i picked her up from school i asked if she had seen the item she said i have it i took it caus i wanted it its in my pocket, mum laughed and said what was it it ws only a pencil topper thing but my son had won it

she laughed again said she would sort then said i MAY pay u soon
mindee has a habit of takin things last time she took a digital camera from school
getting abid fed up now if i didnt need the money iu would give notice

03-11-2009, 06:28 PM
as regards the money i would have said i may have yourlo next week ...:rolleyes: do you have late payment fees in your policys add them on and see how quickly she pays ! if you dont id do a letter to parents saying that as of the 1st December ( or 4 weeks from the dated letter) you will be charging £xxx amount per day that payment is late, that might encourage her to pay on time ! hth

as regards him taking things without permission i'd search his pockets before he left my house :D