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02-11-2009, 02:49 PM
I dont know whether it was cos I was up to 1.30am doing a learning journey and other bits to get ready for my Ofsted inspection but I am STILL CONFUSED about what I am doing with my planning and linking in to EYFS.

This is what I am doing - please could ANYONE tell me if I am right :(

Individual planning - I have done two observations last month on my 15 month old mindee - and then gone through the 6 areas of l&D and for each area said where I think he is, what the observation showed and next steps. Then from this I have written next steps for Nov for example as he is beginning to make marks with paints I have said I will do potato printing etc. I have done this for most of the areas of learning.

Then for group planning I have written down what activities we are going to do this week and also allocated some time for children to play on their own choosing what they would like to play with from my resources. So for example today we went for an autumn walk and collected leaves so that we can do some leaf printing this week. Then we played in the playground. Came back and did some singing before having lunch altogether.

HERe is the question - do I now try to link the mornings activity of collecting leaves, playing at the park - being able to go across the bridge on the toddler climbing frame for the first time etc. - to the six areas of learning????

Also do you then have to look at every activity you do with the children and link it to EYFS or just a selection from each week that you think shows the child has learnt something new.

Please help just so confused....

Chatterbox Childcare
02-11-2009, 02:54 PM
Your first two observations are your starting points.

In the downloads section I have put the 6 areas of learning separated into age groups and I use these as my stepping stones/learning journey.

I highlight where each child is in one colour when starting and as they achieve something, whether observed or adhoc, I mark it in pink

Your planning should be very loose - I just have a 2 year rolling planner of themes and a monthly sheet, split in 5 weeks with 2 activities per week. The rest is child led. I DO NOT link anything until we do actually do something otherwise my time is wasted.

Finally the gaps in my monthly sheet are used for child led, routines, toddlers and anything I plan to help the child forward from a previous obs.

See if you can simplify it a bit as you seem to spend a lot of time on paperwork and that isn't the plan

Hope that helps

02-11-2009, 02:55 PM
Sounds like you are doing things along the right lines:thumbsup:

No you dn't have to link every single activity to EYFS - just the childs wow moments (and your obs) - and your planning will come from these - ie child is really into teh leaves - you plan what else you can do with leaves - so you take into account the childs interests.
Your planning comes from what interests the child (hence being child led).

Hope I haven't confused you more

02-11-2009, 03:33 PM
Thanks guys - just spent twenty minutes trying to get the forum back as my computer went funny :panic:

I think you are right Debbie - I am spending too much time planning and not enough time just enjoying it!

I think I might have it now:

I will just do weekly / monthly planning based around the activities that we do already ie toddlers, going to the park etc then also build in any themes - ie this week bonfire night then do something multicultural then move onto Xmas!

When I see a child doing something new ie walking across the wobbly bridge at the park I do an observation and write down next steps to increase their coordination and movement. And I link what ever it is that they have done for the first time to the 6 areas of L&D. Sounds much simpler and as if it is going to reduce my time spent planning and doing paperwork dramactically. Is that right???? Thanks guys I really appreciate anyone who replies to me - I now I am thick about this but so want to get a good grading!