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01-11-2009, 09:28 AM
i look after a 6yrold girl who every evening has to be in the same room as me, if i pop out to make a coffee then she'll follow me, she never sits and plays with toys and wont play on her own with anything, she likes crafts and drawing but theres only so much i can do after school, she says she likes pretend play but I dont tend to play with them when they do this as i am not very good at it and think its nice that they all play this sort of game together, trouble is my dauther is the oldest and wants to be the boss of the game all the time which the 6yrold is getting fedup with, i have spoken to my daughter several times saying she must let the others have their ideas too but she then forgets and ends up taking over the game. how can i get her to stop being 'the boss' and how can i stop this 6yrold from following me, its like shes bored and wants somthing to do but everything i suggest she says no too, i cant even sit on the sofa with a cuppa without her almost sitting on top of me!
hm that makes me sound lazy, but i am sure i am entitled to sit with a coffe for 10mins of the day!:blush:

01-11-2009, 09:54 AM
It sounds like the 6 year old is having problems with playing independently.

We have a 5 year old like that and we are constantly encouraging her to do other things...

My poor partner can't sit down without her climbing on his lap! :laughing:

We just keep gently leading her to other things - I have a load of colouring sheets I know she likes, I buy little booklets for her to write in, I get her glittery pens and stickers to do crafts, we have jigsaws she enjoys doing, I involve her in helping me with the little ones, she helps make tea, I have dollies and hair brushes / bands etc as she does that at home...

It is very tiring though!

You are very lucky getting 10 minutes with a coffee! :eek: :D

01-11-2009, 10:07 AM
i have a 2 year old mindee who doesn't know how to play PERIOD :panic:

took her to a soft play area (private bookings so was only me and this LO and 2 other mindees) and she freaked didn't even know what to do :(

she will follow me from room to room, freaks out if i go to the toilet, and is used to being sat in front of the tv :(

01-11-2009, 10:13 PM
I have a 10 month old who is attached to mum all day long. She just like to sit on your lap and play/be entertained. I cant put her down for a sec to even get up to see to anyone else (my own kids -cos i have her weekends all day).

So instead of putting her down and letting her cry it out till she gets used to the fact that i'm not going anywhere, today i went for a different tact- I kept her on my lap and made it as boring as poss, making sure my kids were on the floor having loads of fun with interesting toys. I gave them loads of attention and within half hour she had slowwwwly slid down and joined in. MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! (still cried when i left the room but hey ho).

I think your LO has an extension of this. Shes never been able to entertain herslf or enjoy her own company and i think thats so sad. I LOVE my own company!