View Full Version : rather disappointed today with halloween activity

30-10-2009, 07:31 PM
I made green tapioca slime for mindees to play with today...

which me and dd love...she is still playing with it

Well at first it was a big hit and I hid some coins in it and whoever got the most out won some sweeties.

then LO A 6 yrs asked if he could taste some..I said well it wont taste nice because it is only made with water and food colouring and ..but he licked it anyways...(should have said no in the first place because of the coins I added...not that he would have eaten them but they are not clean I dont think)...anyways,..he licked some and hated the taste...so he said he needed to get the slime off his hands asap as it was so horribel...he was loving it a minute earlier...so he washed it off and was nearly in tears..(he is very sensitive that way and the slightest thing makes him cry..even at home with mum)
LO B 8 yrs continued playing with the slime as she said she loved it...she then asked if she can put it on like a face mask to be a scary green monster...so I said why not...so she did ...we got some great pics done and she was happy...she then put her hand onto LO A's face...that sent him off crying again...so I thought I let her put some in my face to show him it is ok...so he was laughing again..and taking some slime himself again to put in my face...got some more great pics taken and then washed it all off....
I thought we could move on to the next activity...but they were obsessed with washing it off....the stuff obviously dries on a bit..but comes off very easily with water...but LO B said ..it is sore to wash it off...so LO A said ..oh yeah I am sore too..even though he didnt have any on anymore...He actually copies everything LO B does...
anyways..he had some on his T Shirt so started crying when he said it is drying in on his T Shirt...at that point I was quite annoyed as I didnt see the issue with why it is upsetting when it is on the T shirt.....

the whole thing just was a nightmare...
I would have stopped the slime play earlier if I thought it was going to make them upset (more ackward in my mind anyways...) but they kept having fun with it and then turned back to complaining and crying...


30-10-2009, 08:59 PM
Thats kids for ya!:laughing:

Oh well at least they enjoyed part of it & you have some fab pics

30-10-2009, 09:16 PM
What awkward little ones, you should have put the tv on a left them to it.:laughing:

I would have loved the slime :D

I am only joking about the tv bit ;)

30-10-2009, 09:51 PM
oh never mind at least they had some fun with it earlier

sometimes you jist cant get it right for all


30-10-2009, 10:49 PM
They enjoyed the first half but maybe not the second half as much! I sometimes think that they get upset spilling things on their clothes as some parents tell their children off for getting messy!!!! (I have had this in the past). I tell parents NOT to send their children in their best clothes!

However, I bet they will be talking about it for days as they had so much fun.:clapping:

They will tell all their friends at school, neighbours, Grandparents etc, etc, then they will all want to come to your house to play!:laughing:

31-10-2009, 07:59 AM
Oh it sounds like great fun what a shame it did not turn out the way you wanted with the kids though

I do know what you mean we took the inside out of a pumpkin and the screamer screamed and screamed and had a tantrum because he did not like it - like you we did lots of funny things and he was laughing but still he would not join in even with a spoon.

It spoilt it for the others because they started moaning so we then tried melted chocolate and marshmellows where the little one had another tantrum and I ended up with melted chocolate everywhere and all over me

The day was a disaster and sometimes I wonder why we bother at all haha

Angel xx