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23-10-2009, 11:03 AM
Sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasnt sure where to post it!!

My nephew is 5 and is having trouble with spellings and writing letters, are there any worksheets or anything anywhere that we could use with him to help him with these things? or any other ideas how we can help?

23-10-2009, 11:45 AM
Try to steer away from worksheets.

Lots of activites such as writing in sand/rice with your fingers, chalk on patios or chalkboards, squirty water bottles so you can draw and write on walls and pavements. Hide letters that make simple words in sand or bubbly water such as cat, mum, dad etc

Check the EYFS for suggetions, have you got letters and sounds?- excellent publication to help us! There is also a publication on DCSF about supporting boys and writing - can't remember what its called though.

Boys on the whole are generally slower to read, write and spell so try not to worry. Make the whole thing fun again

23-10-2009, 12:25 PM
I wouldn't worry too much many boys are slower, my own son age 7 is only just making progress, at school you may find he repeats some of the work in reception, my son did he is also now doing a programme at school called the Quest. I would speak to school to see what programmes they use.
Also speak to the sen teacher, not because he has special needs but the sen teacher is the person with the extra knowledge and can keep an eye on progress.
On amazon have a look at 'stairway to spelling' and 'toe by toe' but also have a look at bbc bitesize website their is lots of fun games to play.
Don't forget he is only 5 in some countries formal learning hasn't started, my son is a hands on learner and learns by touching things so we structure letters around feeling them we used the magnetic letters and the other good thing we used is a very large white board which all the children played schools on, he started by writing letters very large before learning to write on paper, we used paintbrushes on the pavements etc.
just make it fun, but don't stress otherwise they soon stress with you.
And don't compare to the others in the same class, huge mistake I made.

23-10-2009, 12:27 PM
Thanks Ladies...will pass the info on to my sister! :D

23-10-2009, 12:35 PM
Please please please don't use worksheets . I used to be a Reception teacher and IMHO worksheets are no help at this age.

Its far better to use his finger to trace letters in the sand, paint, gloop, with playdough. You can also cut out letters from sandpaper and stick to card and get him to trace these.

Use paint brushes and water outside on the walls and paths; big chalks and chunky crayons. Make big letters rather than small ones on paper - he will find it easier.

Make it fun but also remember he is only 5 and its nothing to worry about at this age.