View Full Version : Whats the latest news on swine flu

19-10-2009, 06:00 PM
Its really quiet around here(cotswolds) and the school hasn't mentioned anything recently but I heard its coming back quickly, which areas seem to have a problem at the moment and is there any new advice.

19-10-2009, 06:17 PM
We have just had it but no where near as bad as we expected tbh I was clear of symptoms in 6 days but I had minded children for 2 days before realising what I had :rolleyes: tamiflu got to work right away and I was feeling much better within 24 hours although I closed down until I was free of symptoms and 1st day back to work was only 1 child 8-4 :) then back to normal following day after that.

My family had it around the same time just 1-2 days behind me so didn't need to close for too long. Hubby not had tamiflu and my son seemed to recover with bed rest in front of the TV and calpol. I think I would have been sick longer had I not had the tamiflu...it definitely got me back on the mend quickly.

Personally I think I have had mindees with it, now I know the signs and how it makes you feel...but it's difficult to know for sure I guess.

I think the current official guidance is for Childminders to close if anyone in family infected and only reopen once free of symptoms. I had a policy not to accept any child with symptoms until parents took no notice and I was too soft to send them home with a runny nose. I think it's a really tough call when you have parents who need to work and children aren't actually feeling poorly and before you know it you have got it :eek: .