View Full Version : please help, how often do I RA? and more

30-09-2009, 01:40 PM
Hello everyone!

I have been childminding for years and think I'm OK with the EYFS now, but I'm not sure about the risk assessments. I've got the ones from the website in the post below, but how often am I supposed to fill them in?
Do I check and tick everything once and review it every so often? How often?
Do I have to keep a written daily record of each check?
Which checks should I do every day?
As I do the school run twice a day, do I have to fill in a sheet of paper every trip? How long do I keep each record for?

Please can someone please give me a plain and simple (idiot proof!) explanation of what OFSTED expect here?

Many thanks! Rachel

08-10-2009, 09:10 PM
You can do risk assessments in different ways.

lots of childminders have a tick list to do every morning and night, to show they are taking risk seriously and checking their home / garden.

As well as that, you need risk assessments in a folder and you should come back to them at least every year and when things change.

if you diary the date it won't get forgotten.

Hth :D