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lady boss
28-02-2008, 01:07 PM
HOORAY....I'ts arrived.
I was only just asking when to expect it earlier and the postman has just been. Lucky i was in so i could sign for it. I'm so chuffed.
Few last minute things to get in place then will hand in my notice at work.

I am signed off work after my op for another 2 weeks or so, anyone know how i come off handing in my notice while off ? Not sure if it's the right thing to do. I was going to do it next month anyway & it seems a shame to have to wait even longer and i have mindee's lined up too.

Oh this has really made my day....Seems like i have been waiting a life time to get started.

Grateful for any advice x x:jump for joy:

Pudding Girl
28-02-2008, 01:13 PM
IWow, see you spoke too soon :)

I think you are allowed to give notice while off sick yes.

If you have mindees lined up already, you could be a little sneaky, and get yourself signed off for the other two weeks, and start them off in a fortnight time?


28-02-2008, 01:15 PM
I only just posted on your other thread about letting us know when your certificate arrives.

Good news :clapping:

Why not ring your manager or Personel Department and see if it is acceptable to give notice whilst off sick.

28-02-2008, 01:17 PM
Congratulations. :clapping:

Annie x

lady boss
28-02-2008, 01:23 PM
i'ts been such a long time waiting and now everything seems to be happening all at once. lol.

I was thinking about being sneaky and getting myself more time off just a bit
unsure as what to do for the best.

I have worked with company for such a long time but only last year changed departments and the guy i work with is making my life a misery.

I so love watching children grow and develop and am so excited about starting minding i know its something i can do well and so rewarding.
It will fit in well when my own daughter is on half term too.

You guys have all been great, i only joined the forum today and already have had such great support and advice.

Thank you

Helen x

28-02-2008, 02:29 PM

I would also check with your HR department to see if it would be acceptable as you don't want to burn your bridges iyswim. You may need a reference or something from them one day for something.

28-02-2008, 02:31 PM


Thats great!


28-02-2008, 06:27 PM
:clapping: great news :clapping:

I agree with the others about checking with your HR department about handing in your notice. I know someone who handed in her notice while she was off sick so effectively did not come back. As far as I am aware this was not an issue but she was not very well thought of by the manager. I would go by the book as you never know when you might need a reference.
I understand your impatience though, I gave 5 weeks notice & it seems to have dragged! Last day tomorrow though :jump for joy:

x x x

28-02-2008, 07:42 PM
Well done

I agree with everyone else

Angel xx

28-02-2008, 09:03 PM
Well done thats great news.

Hope all goes well.