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25-09-2009, 03:03 PM
Godstone Farm, where they have had the E Coli outbreak, is quite near us and we often go once a year. We didnt go this summer and I am now thankful that we didnt.

Anyway, nearer us, is a small petting farm called Christmas Tree Farm. Its lovely and is run by a friend of mine. Me and some childminders at Drop In today were discussing the recent outbreak and said that we were dubious about taking kids to ANY farm now.

However, at lunch time on my local news, was my friend from Christmas Tree Farm reassuring everyone that it was fine to visit and how the business is suffering because of people not wanting to attend.

So I want to take the kids to the farm but do I in the light of the recent E Coli outbreak at other farms?

I am confident in my friends reassurances about the measures they have taken. I will be scrupulous about hand washing and other measures etc. However, my concern is whether parents would want me to take their children? I thought about drafting a permission letter explaining it all and then seeing if they were ok for me to take them there.

I think one mum will be ok but the other is rather over protective so not sure she would say yes.

What do you think? Have you still been taking the kids to the farm?

25-09-2009, 03:08 PM
Yes we went today. Parents didnt mind. We made sure plenty of anti bac washed hands as we went in and if they got close to any animals - washed hands at every opp and antibacced, also as we were leaving. We probably went overboard to be honest.

Children had a lovely time and we are going to another next week. They were posters and guidance as when we went in:)

25-09-2009, 03:22 PM
if you are unsure about the parents make a permission form as you said and only take the kids that are allowed to go...that way you are safe as well.
in your RA for the outing just add a bit of e-coli and what you will do about it..ie. washing hands...discussions with owner you already had etc etc...

that way I think it should be fine.

as a parent I would be happy for my dd to go to a farm if I knew the cm was taking care washing their hands...and in general if the cm is aware off all the things to take care off when on these outings...

I would not stop going...
I know e coli can be serious but it is just now in everyones mind as the media is all over it..in a couple of months nobody will be thinking of it anymore...and the risk of it has always been there and in ways will always be there...

there was a really good post from onceinabluemoon about the whole E coli thing in anoher thread...might dig it out for you...it might help with your letter to the parents...:D

25-09-2009, 03:27 PM
I just felt really guilty watching my friend on the news basically begging for people to come back and I thought I shall go but would need to run it past parents first.