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15-09-2009, 09:50 AM
I am concerned my planning is not "whats expected by Mr Ofsted"

I have a daily planning sheet because my mindees are only with me one day per week for a few hours. I therefore have my planning sheet set up as a table with the 6 areas in one box and the toys I provide written into the relevant boxes i.e puzzles is in the PSRN, my music basket is in CD box. These toys are provided every session because the children like to have the familiar toys around them, probably because they are not with me very much! On the right side of the table I have evaluation where I write about the day, what the child liked, didnt wwant to play with, and I also have a section where I write about what we plan to do i.e. go for a walk to see if we can spot any animals (thats in my topic for Sept) as kids are into animals at the mo!

Thats all my planning is, more like continous planning really! Although if I do an obs and add any toys to develop obs I will write in on sheet too and link it to the obs I have done!

My long term planning is scribbles as its changes all the time depending on what the kids like and dont like! Sept is ok as I have planned 'animals' topic because they all are into animals!

Is that ok or should I be doing more?

15-09-2009, 11:27 AM
That sounds ok... mine is continuous provision as well.

How are you showing that you plan for each child's needs?

So if Jane is into dollies or John wants to throw things or Jack is mad into dinosaurs... where do you write that?


15-09-2009, 12:36 PM
I'm thinking of sticking to individual planning as I've got a 1yr old for 23hrs a week and a 3yr old for 5hrs a week.
So of course the 1yr old will have a more comprehensive plan. With the 3yr old I'm going to liaise with the pre-school and find out what the 'topic' is this term.
They don't come to my house at the same time anyway so I can't do 'group' planning.
Also my toys are in the dinning room so they are available all the time for the 1yr old.
When the 3yr old comes I just swap some of them round.
As long as you can explain to Ofsted what you are doing that should be enough for them.
Knowing me, my mind will go blank when they do come over :eek:
Got to get cracking with the SEF!