View Full Version : today was my firstt full day with baby screamer

14-09-2009, 06:09 PM
And i fixed her.

She was starving

Mum turned up this morning and gave me 2 bottle and a little yogurt and said that was what she had during the day until tea time at 5pm.

So when she started screaming this morning just after mum left i thought she was just missing mum then i had some porridge and i gave her a wee bit and she loved it. Then at lunch i bought her a jar of baby food and she ate the full thing then she had a banana.

Now she is just over 6 months old. My kids are older now 14 and 9 and all other kids ive minded are 2 and 3. So ive kinda forgot about what a 6 month old should eat
I know i should of stuck to what mum wanted but ....................

What would everyone else of done

14-09-2009, 06:13 PM
i would of done the same as you, 2 bottles and a yoghurt is surely not enough to last all day the only thing is now telling mum :)

14-09-2009, 06:16 PM
I would tell mum how clever you are in introducing her to porridge... you were eating it and she screamed for some!

Then at lunch time again you were eating and wanted some of yours so you gave her a taste and she wanted more...

Then explain that they go through a growth / eating spurt about now and you wonder if tomorrow mum could send twice as much food!!

Oh and of course current recommendations are for 2 small snacks mid morning and mid pm to keep up activity levels.

Well done you! :D

14-09-2009, 06:19 PM
Mmmm? I once had a baby who wasn't getting enough food, I documented everything and spoke to mum regularly about it. If they were a bit older I wouldn't have any worries giving them extra but I think in this situation I may have checked with mum first before I gave baby anything if it hadn't been previously discussed/agreed to.

Glad you got the lo sorted though, poor wee soul

Princess Sara
14-09-2009, 09:11 PM
Two bottles of milk and yogurt is not enough for a 6 month old!

My boy was eating a bowl of porriage and a bottle of milk for breakfast, yogurt mid morning, adults fistful of food such as omlette or sandwiches and a bottle for lunch, something like fruit for afternoon snack, jar of baby food or homemade babyfood and a bottle for dinner.

At six months maybe she is only just weaning onto solid foods from milk so maybe the mum doesn't realise how much baby should be eating? But if this is true you should be going straight to the 'baby led weaning' of finger foods and letting baby decide what she wants to eat, along with at least 21oz of milk unless the food choices are full of dairy products.

I would worry if the mum did intend 2 bottles and a yogurt to last a day... but tbh I would have rang and checked first to be sure. Did you not go through meals at signing of contracts? Does she expect you to provide the food?

Poor starving baby. Reading that made me a little bit sad, but my boys love their food and always have!

14-09-2009, 09:26 PM
Good for you for sorting her out, bless her. I know that the recommendation now is not to wean until 6 months so maybe she has only just started and didn't realsie how much she needed. I would be a bit worried about allergies though if you didn't check first, but I guess you had no choice if bubs was starving poor thing!
Personally both my boys were weaned from 4 months on baby rice and pureed fruit and veg, they would never have lasted to 6 months and by then they were on 3 meals a day plus bottles of milk!

14-09-2009, 10:25 PM
I'm sorry but I totally disagree with what you did. I know you think you did it with the best intentions - but there is a line and I personally think you crossed it.

Mum gives you food for her baby, and mum decides what her child eats. You need to seek permission before you deviate from this - this child is 6 mths old and the weaning stage is to determine intolerances and allergies. It is not our place to feed that child unless the mum has given you the go ahead - did you inform mum when she collected that you gave the baby different food? what if the baby is sick tonight because something you fed it repeats on it? Your job is to gently ask mum to provide more milk because in your opinion she appeared hungry today, and might be having a growth spurt. Or to ask mum what she wants to do about weaning, does she want you to offer finger foods through the day?

Don't think me insensitive or unkind - I just think that saying you fixed this mums child by feeding it because it was 'starving' is just wrong. Sorry

The Juggler
15-09-2009, 06:28 AM
I'm a little on the fence on this one. the advice now is not to start weaning until 6 months so a child would maybe not be eating three meals a day. A taste of your porridge is one thing and some snacks but if you tell mum you introduced a whole other meal per day she might not be too happy. On the other hand it's not easy to watch a hungry child. I would stick with lots of snacks maybe and suggest the other meal per day to her?


15-09-2009, 07:02 AM
im not sure you did the right thing either sorry, but from a perents point of view you completly disregarded what she wanted, giving abit of baby porrige and saying to parent baby was still hungry after bottle and you didnt want them to be upset and hungry is one thing but buying a jar and giving it them is a whole different thing, what if mum doesnt want baby to eat jared food?, but whats done is done now and you need to discuss with a parent and decide together what baby will be offered and when

charlotte x

Lady Haha
15-09-2009, 08:49 AM
Such a tricky one this! I was all for you until I read the other posts disagreeing with what you had done and I must admit, if it was my baby I would feel quite miffed! I had one mum like this, who actually cut out mindees lunch with me cos he wasn't eating his tea! She wanted me to give him porridge for breakfast, then a bottle for lunch, but he screamed the place down all day here and wouldn't sleep in the afternoon, so I HAD to talk to her about it!

Too late now, but for anyone else reading this and find themself in the same situation, I would ring/text mum and say that you think her child might be hungry and would it be okay to give her a banana? Thats pretty safe. If no reply, then I would buy more fromage frais and fill her up with that! Then when mum picks up ask if you can start introducing more solids.

I know thats great in hindsight which is no help at all to you!!!! And at the end of the day, you were only trying to help!!! AND you were right, baby was hungry!

15-09-2009, 09:28 AM
Have to say I removed my child from a childminder for the very same thing:( . In all fairness like you she had the best intentions but it was not what I wanted.

Hope you can sort this with the parents