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06-09-2009, 01:49 PM
please read and tell me if anything i am missing please,ohhh and should i email it or post it or fax it????? and what are there numbers or emails???
here goes......

Continuality of care for a family
Blanket cover for 3 weeks until one child turns 1

Childs details and hours

I have a family starting with me for full time care of their son who was Born on the 2/09/2009 which will start at the end of October. Hours being 6am to 3pm Monday to Friday

I also have a baby, date of birth 19/11/2009 for 2 hours on a Thursday night. Mum has recently decided to returnt to work and as of the end of October will need to increase her hours to 4 days a week on a rolling rota, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, the shifts will either be 745 am to 245 pm one day a week and two or three 11.15am to 5pm.

I feel that providing the extra days I am providing a continuality of care for this family.

These extra days will take me over my registered numbers, one day will be the full 7 hours and the other days will be 4 hours. However, I do not know which days a week it would be so I need a blanket cover for 3 weeks until this baby turns 1 on the 19/11/2009.

The other children in my care are a temporary after school girl whose “rising 5” as in full time school, who comes from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. However, this contract maybe ending the end of September. My son, Joshua who is 8 and in full time school and my daughter, Abigail who is classed as a “rising 5” as in full time school,

At present I have no other children.

Providing care

I have enough equipment for both babies; I have two travel cots and plenty of sheets, 2 sets of baby monitors. Both babies can have a different room to sleep in as not to disturb each other, both rooms have blackout blinds, to keep to room dark, heated in winter yet cool in summer, both rooms are risk assessed and are peaceful.

Travelling with two babies. I have a new double buggy, rain cover and cosy toes for winter months. I have two car seats suitable for babies of these ages. I have risk assessed the risks of travelling in and out of the car with both babies and others in my car. I have reins and wrist straps for when they get older and will talk to children from the earliest opportunity about road safety.

I have a playroom which has a vast amount of toys and resources for children and babies, from musical toys, books, building blocks, treasure box, and rattles. I have a fairly large downstairs space for children and a large grassed garden with swings and playhouses in. I feel that I have enough space to provide care for both of the children.

Feeding – I have enough space in my dining room for both babies to sit in highchairs at the table. Joshua would be too young at the moment to sit in a highchair and would be placed in a baby bouncer if he was awake, with us at feeding times.

I have 6 ½ years of being a childminder with plenty of experience with dealing with babies and children, before this I have babysat for many people caring for children of all ages, I sat for one family with a 4 year old, 16 month old and a 10 week old baby and felt confident to be able to meet all of there individual needs.

I feel confident that I can provide both babies with the level of care required and that is why I am asking for a variation for the 3 weeks.

I need to know if this is successful by the 11th of September as to inform the parents of the 11 month old if I can continue to care for her daughter when she goes to work in October.

I look forward to hearing from you."

What you think? is it ok, do i need anything else in there, what you think they will say? i really want both.....

06-09-2009, 02:21 PM
That looks ok to me!

I believe you have to use this form now :D


Tam's Tribe
06-09-2009, 02:25 PM

A newbie and no experience with variations (so looks great to me :laughing: ) but on paragraph 2 you say the DOB is 19/11/2009 should it not be 2008?

Tam x

06-09-2009, 02:28 PM

A newbie and no experience with variations (so looks great to me :laughing: ) but on paragraph 2 you say the DOB is 19/11/2009 should it not be 2008?

Tam x

:ROFL1: :ROFL1: oh dear my head not working today.... lol lol lol

thanks sarah, i have in on my computer that sheet and filled it in, is it easy to email them or fax? does anyone have there email or fax number? i carnt find it.... thanks

06-09-2009, 02:53 PM
Looks great - just remember to include full names of all the children as they will ring you otherwise.

I didn't fill in the form and just wrote a letter - wasn't asked to transfer onto a form and both my variations were granted.

06-09-2009, 03:50 PM
It all looks great, I have always sent a letter never used a form.

If you email then I would ring them on Monday and ask for an email address as they have a new Variation team and systems since last week. If you email don't forget to scan in your signature otherwise it will be kicked back to you.

Chatterbox Childcare
06-09-2009, 03:52 PM
I wouldn't point out in the first paragraph that the child "is starting", just let them think that you are applying because of a change of hours.

Also they will want names and DOB for all children.

06-09-2009, 05:09 PM
Looks fine to me babe, apart from the 2009/2008 error.

Princess Sara
06-09-2009, 07:20 PM
If you email don't forget to scan in your signature otherwise it will be kicked back to you.

I have a variation form they sent me in the post stating in the declaration box **signature not required if sent electronically.**