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01-09-2009, 11:17 PM
Im trying to write a letter to the parent of all the children, I haven't had then during the school holidays so thought it would be nice to welcome them back, I also want to inform them of a couple of things:-

# That I will be reviewing all contracts to ensure that all details are up to date and signed.

# all of the children are moving up a year and they will soon start to receive homework, as my son is now in year 3 he will be sitting down to do his homework for 30 mins after school weather its reading, drawing of learning their tables, (the children are expected to know specific ones during the school year) I dont want to sound like they are being forced to do this as the wont be, but i will expect them to keep noise down during that time also all children leave mine between 5 and 6pm) obviously snack time will still happen and free play plus activities.

# as I now have transport (7 seater) I want to take them to the park twice a week (weather and permission permitting) (the roads are busy and its a 20 min stressful walk otherwise we would walk)

this is what I have so far (not a lot eh???) please please could you fab, fab ppl help me out Im not great at wording things!!!!

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your children have had a fab school holiday. I look forward in welcoming you all back to the setting. The children will be going up a year and therefore homework will soon be coming home.

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How about doing a newsletter, they are much easier to write.

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Dear Parents,

I hope both you and your children have all had a wonderful school holiday. I look forward in welcoming you all back to the setting.

I will soon be reviewing all contracts to ensure that all details are up to date and signed and will get these to you as soon as possible.

The children are all now going up a year and therefore 'homework time' will soon be here! I am aiming to spend 30 minutes quiet time each evening for the children to work on this. This will encourage a sense of study and self motivation, whilst allowing them to interact with myself and other children to share and gain knowledge.

On a rather exciting note, I have now purchased a 7 seater vehicle! I am very excited about this as it will enable us to visit places such as the park in comfort and safety.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's news from their summer breaks.

Mrs Emmadines.

02-09-2009, 08:11 AM
Dear Parents,

Welcome back to everyone and I hope that you have enjoyed the summer break. I would like to take this opportunity to update you all with a few things that are happening.

My son moves to year three this term and as a result will be receiving homework. I therefore plan to introduce a quiter time for half an hour after school during which he, and anone else who wishes, can be encouraged to complete homework. This is obviously not compulsory and children will be able to partake in the usual after school activities such as free play and arts and crafts etc.

I am also planning to use the car to transport children to the local park on occassions, thereby speeding up the travelling time and maximising there enjoyment whilst there.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any queries following these changes.


I hope this helps a bit although i have always found it a bit of a struggle to get quite time after school and in the past i have tended to deal with homework after finishing work - i appreciate however, that this is not always possible. I think that encouraging them to do something where they sit down to do it may provide a quiter atmosphere whilst you can move with your son to another section of the minding area.

Hope it works out well.

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awwww Pawsssss, YOUE A LOVE.

thankyou thankyou xxx

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Penny thankyou,

I would love to be able to remove jake to a quieter part of the house but there isnt any other then upstairs and and that would mean that I would have to leave the other children unsupervised when he requires help. one of the other mindees are in the same class and his mum have expressed that she would be happy for him to do his homework (they have a lot in year 3)

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Do you do a newsletter? All the info you wanted to tell parents is what I would put on my newsletter. I do one quartely and the parents really like them....