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26-08-2009, 08:14 PM
Hi - please be patient with me - its my first post !. I have set up all my paperwork, ive created my learing journeys, I do my obs and my planning and they work for me - I get the eyfs and even quite like it but ... the one thing im really struggling with is setting up some easy to maintain way of linking my obs/next steps to my planning - Ive spent so much time thinking about how to do it that if got really confussed - what I really want is to create a type of form/grid type thing. Alot of the linking I do in my head as im sure we all do. Not sure if ive made myself clear as to what im stuck with. I have had my second Ofsted inspection and she loved everything else I was doing but pulled me up on this (this was last Sept and Ive been struggling with how to do this since then) Any help would be very appreciated xxx

30-08-2009, 03:03 PM
Hi, I want to help but I'm not sure what you need.

what did the inspector actually say?

Do you mean you have an observation and you don't link it to the child's individual plan?

Do you mean you don't do individual planning yet and you want to start?

Give me some more info and I'll come back to you :D