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It's a small world
24-08-2009, 05:02 PM

Can someon explain variations for me? Had an enquiry for twins on wed/thur but have another lo on thurs plus my own...

may have another mindee in NOv (U1 yr)...

how many does wvariation allow and how does it work.

Sorry getting excited and nervous as first enquiry (well proper one anyway)

Might not happen as might not want me but if I can do it it will be great.

24-08-2009, 05:44 PM
Like you I only recently registered and they would not consider my variation until after I had my grading inspection. I made several calls to hurry my inspection along and at the end of the inspection the inspector and I discussed the variation request and later that day after a discussion with her peers I was phoned to say the variation was agreed to.

Mine is for the care of a sibling of a younger child I mind for 1 term only, 2 hours on a wed and Fri, 4 on a Thursday. It would mean during this time I will be one over my numbers in the under 5 age range.

I have now just applied for another variation for a different child on a Monday for 1 hour to assist a different parent and once again it would put me over my numbers by 1 in the under 5 age group.