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21-08-2009, 08:39 AM
E-book 33 - Wales, childminders and CSSIW - £8.99 on my website! :D

A Welsh Childminder friend of mine was complaining recently that there are no advice books available for Welsh Childminders.

I have been writing about England and the Early Years Foundation Stage for many years and I knew that with a little background information I would be able to knowledgably chat on about Wales. Thanks to my friends ’in the know’, I have put together what I hope is a comprehensive look at how Welsh Childminders can meet and exceed the requirements of the CSSIW’s 21 Standards.

My aim throughout has been to use plain English and to give suggestions for improving your childminding practice that are easy to both implement and evidence for CSSIW at your inspection.

That kept me busy for 120 pages... then I decided that I must also consider the impact of the Foundation Phase on Childminders in Wales.

It is easy to dismiss the Foundation Phase as something only a few childminders who are accredited use, but the more I looked into it, the more I realised it would be good practice for everyone to learn more about the way it works. For this reason I have, in a further 2 chapters, examined the 7 Foundation Phase outcomes in detail. Even if you are not accredited, the contents of the Foundation Phase literature are good practice for everyone and are certainly worth finding out more about!

I hope you find my information helpful and supportive. I welcome your feedback, so I can improve my e-books in the future.

Thank you to Manjay and Tulip for all your help and support during the writing of this e-book xx

21-08-2009, 09:07 AM
I for one will be buying this. maybe in 2 mins :D:D

I also would like to know about the foundation phase because although we dont use it...nothing saying we wont in the future, so I would like to get a head start Just in case!!!

Thank you Sarah for doing this.