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20-08-2009, 07:57 AM
One of my mindee's went away this week on holiday and parent said to me last week were away till wednesday so may send him to you on thursday, dpending on his behaviour. If she needed a day rest from him. Great.:angry:

Asked her to ring me to say if he was coming to me on thursday.

No phone call last night or this morning and then dad turns up and drops him off.

Stood at doorway and said wasnt expecting him, hadnt had a phonecall and nothings ready, his bed, booster chair.

Said he was sorry and would have a word with mummy

Planned to go out this morning, already, now have to sort out a bit more for him which is really annoying.

Really annoyed, i know she pays me for her holidays but I plan things depending on what children i have.

Did tell dad as I wasnt expecting him so I had made plans with my children to go out this afternoon to buy some bits for our holiday, he said he would collect him after sleep.

Rant over, finish today and off on holiday onb saturday so will let this one go but I think i will have to type something up about notice for holidays as shes always telling me last minute of holidays.

Rant over:)

20-08-2009, 08:39 AM
I had a family like that which is why I now charge full fees when I have short notice of holidays. I do ask for at least 14 days notice of any planned holiday.


20-08-2009, 08:42 AM
I have a parent who has been like that too! Last week I was told we made need you next week (husband is on holiday this week), won't be all contracted hours, may just be the odd hour, haven't pinned down husband yet as to if we will need you!:angry: I had sent them a letter two weeks before saying that if they wanted different hours to what was contracted they needed to give 4 weeks notice!!
After last week, I made the decision that if I got a call from them or they turned up I would refuse to take the children as I had made alternative plans!!:D
My point is a letter may not work and if it happens again, I would refuse to take the child due to no notice and you had made plans that did not allow for this child as you were under the impression they were not coming!!!!
Anyway, hope you manage to get sorted for your holiday!
Have a great holiday! :waving:

20-08-2009, 08:50 AM
If a parent has booked a weeks holiday and told me mindee is also away for the week there would have to be a very good reason for me then to take the child with no notice. The parents wanting a day off doesn't cut it in those circumstances and I have and would again, refuse to have the child on the basis that I have planned my time without them being here.

On the other hand, I do have parents who will take holiday themselves but leave the child with me for their days off.

20-08-2009, 11:59 AM
The problem with this parent, she thinks as she pays me when shes on holiday or days off, which I dont mind and have had him on days when I know both parents are having days off.

Its the fact that she said and I also asked for a call to confirm if he would come to me today, they came back from holiday yesterday.

She never gives me any notice on holidays, I tell her all my holidays in january for that year.

Im off next week and shes left it too late to book the week off and now she cant have time off with her own son and hes being passed round the family next week.

I feel sorry for him, any time she has off she sends him to me and doesnt think to have a day off with her son.

Sorry still ranting, getting it all out, finish today to start packing for tomorrow and typical the weathers changed as Im about to go on holiday.:angry:

Looks like another wet holiday:laughing:

20-08-2009, 01:29 PM
All my parents pay me if they take holiday time so in theory if they are on holiday and decide to send the children and I am available to work I will take them.

But it is written into our contracts and policies that once notice has been given of time off if they then change their minds I have to be notified by the Friday of the week before before close of business e.g 3pm on the Friday as that is when I close on a Friday and I am under no obligation to accept the child in the setting.

This is because if I have other children in I may have made plans with them that may not be acceptable for their child to take part in or may mean I have to change plans e.g. if I had only one child in might take them swimming and wouldn't be able to if I had the other child, might have planned a trip further afield which their child might affect numbers wise, etc.