View Full Version : nearly there with first obs just need alittle bit more help

19-08-2009, 08:54 PM
Im nearly there with my first obs!!! the only thing that i need a tinesy bit of help with is the evaluation :) ,

i have pic and explanation of the observation - i.e planting cress seeds
The areas of learning - PSED, CLL, KUW, PD, CD
Evaluation (what did you find out)????????
Next Steps -Growing sunflower seeds and measuring them etc

ive filled out all of them except for the evaluation as im not 100% sure what to write :blush: .

Do i write down what i found out about the childs knowlegde and understanding of this activity, how much they did or didnt enjoy it, imreally confused!
As a new childminder i though it would be easier to buy an observation book, now im not sure this was a good idea:(

20-08-2009, 06:56 AM
Pick a bit to evaluate first.

You might focus on their ability to share or their understanding of how things grow for example.

Then look at the eyfs ages and stages for that child and see what bits they meet... can you show they have met it?

Sharing will be Psed somewhere and how things grow will be in Kuw... write that up in just a few words.

If you are using something you don't get or doesn't make sense to you, for goodness sake change it! The Eyfs is not a test!!

Hth :D

20-08-2009, 04:54 PM
I found it really helpful to look at samples of how other people fill there forms out, there are some good books, practical eyfs handbook has some and the eyfs disk does some links also A practical guide to child observation and assessment and the nvq3 text books are really good, theyre all on amazon and also google obs and you can find samples. It just helped me with understanding what is expected, how to lay it out and gave me practical hints. I also use the practise guidance lots more now I understand it better.