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18-08-2009, 04:56 PM
hi, hoping someone can help me!

i have a parent coming to sign contracts at 7.30 tonight. her dd ( new mindee ) has a few severe allergies, and comes with epi pens etc.

i was talking to mum earlier, and she said 'we'll sort out a care plan' tonight ...

i was wondering if anyone had a template care plan, and what needs to go on it?

obviously, it needs to mention use of why/when epipen, anti histimines, calling an ambulance etc,

plus i guess, what care needs to be taken when out and about.

i was epi pen trained about 8 yrs ago, and am going to ask mum if she can arrange for me to be trained again. child doesn't start for a couple of weeks!

thank you!


18-08-2009, 05:02 PM
You should have had epipen training with your first aid.

You do need to go with the parent to THEIR doctor/nurse and have training before the child starts. You cannot administer an epipen without formal training from the child's doctor/nurse.

18-08-2009, 05:11 PM
Sorry I haven't done a specific care plan.

When the mindee started with me who had a nut allergy, we verbally agreed that I would have no nuts or nut products in the house.
Dad explained his symptoms of his allergy & what I should do with regard to phoning ambulances etc I didn't write anything down other than filling out the on going medicine book.
In hindsight I maybe should have written more down.

I went for epi pen training at the allergy centre at the hospital. I didn't go with the parent though. It wasn't covered on my 1st aid course, even if it is you need to re-new the training yearly & before the mindee starts if you look after a child who uses one.

They gave me a training epipen so that I could practice at home with it.

18-08-2009, 05:20 PM
Personally I did not think that the first aid courses did the epi pen training. I thought that it was a case of having to go to the childs doctors to have the training led by them so that then you have had the specific training related to that childs needs.

Sorry havn't got a care plan but I would log everything down that mum says and then write it up once mum has gone then give mum a copy to review and sign so that you both agree the care plan. That is just what I would do one of the longer term childminders may know if there is a particular form for care plans.

18-08-2009, 05:42 PM
Here is a sample one for hand eczema...

There's also a front page which lists consultants, what constitutes an emergency for the child, how much the child knows about his conditions, parents wishes in an emergency... and anything else that worries the parents.

Hth :D

18-08-2009, 05:47 PM
thank you everyone!

my first aid course discussed/showed us epi pens, but yes, i need the nurse to show me!