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18-08-2009, 01:54 PM
hi .. I'm wondering how to make my day flow more .. I'm looking after 5-6 all under 6.. my own LO (2 years) is very clingy these days and running off on the others if you don't really keep an eye on him.. the other 2yo and 4yo are rather playing great, or fitting over same toy or the 2yo snatches/doesn't like it when I ask him to share, compromise etcetc.. today I've had him cry 4-5 times and its now 3pm nearly.. everytime he cries he wants mum, dad or grandma... this wants mum etc has increases more and more since the summer hols.. he's with me along with all the other kids full time... today we went to walk in a nature reserve and the 2yo and 4yo were constantly wanting the bigger stick etc etc.. I'm tired and begin to not know what to do re. the 2yo crying everytime he doesn't get his own way... on reflection I think he's been like this for a long time (6mths).. its just now I've more kids for summer I'm beginning to realise it more as it is constantly slowing us down and ultimately making my day less enjoyable.. I find it tricky to be 'sweet and oh dear sweetie' like all the time this happens.. and this makes me feel like I'm failing :censored: ...

is this normal development.. how can I manage this better? any help would be great.. its beginning to wear my batteries thin..x:(

18-08-2009, 02:01 PM
I'm looking after 5-6 all under 6.. my own LO (2 years) is very clingy these days and running off on the others:(

Hiya hun got to dash in a tick but didnt want not to post, am I reading that right? you're looking after 5 or 6 under 6 year olds and your own little one? xx

18-08-2009, 02:04 PM
hi ya.. yep.. I'm looking after 3 under 5, one 5, one 6 and another occasional care also 6... I only ever look after 5 each day.. but it has been each day of hols.. 2 of the under 5yos are my own lil Ones..x

18-08-2009, 02:19 PM
wowsers you do have a busy day!! I can all go swimmingly, last week on just one day (thankfully) I had

T age 8
G age 6
G age 4
M age 5
I age 2
M age 2
J age 8
My 2 girls age 7 and 12

It was a fab day without too much structure to fair, we had a party, but was feeling ill si just went with the flow

Easy for me to say this but if the 2 year old is crying each time he doesnt get his way, I would simply not react to it at all! play with the other kiddies as normal, praising them, once littlie stops crying, reinforce good behaviour...take a deep breath, youre not failing at all to have that many children is hard and testing when they bicker tantrem

people must think Im really hard nosed, but if they throw a wobble even in the busiest places I just look away from them, completely ignoring it. can picture the kiddie thinking c*w!!!!! lol:laughing: :laughing: can take a little while to get them used to it, but Ive also found if they know their boundries with you, they feel more secure

hope thats helped a bit hun xx

18-08-2009, 03:19 PM
My last summer was a bit like this - so this year I made sure I didn't take on too much. Although I have just taken on a newbie as I was finding things so easy :laughing: now I wonder what I've done!

I have my own age 4 (nearly)
Mindee age 6
Mindee age 18 mths
Mindee age 11 mths

4 & 6 play together well 75% of the time, and my son has a nap every afternoon while 6 yo watches a DVD or plays outside.

Mindee 11 mths is new so spend most of the day carrying him or comforting him and we haven't been out this week at all to anything like soft play or farm :(

I find going out so difficult, just making sure I have remembered everything and getting everyone in the car etc.

I feel a bit lost without the school run so have been going on 2 walks a day to make the day shorter. We have regular snacks times morning and afternoon and then play outside with the little ones morning and afternoon.

Might do some messy play tomorrow......

18-08-2009, 05:03 PM
Crikey you are busy!

I have lots on a Tuesday but I have my partner who is registered and my 2 teens helping.

It is normal for children to winge - they miss their parents and the rules are often different between us and home.

The best way I find is to change the whole focus... start singing a song or reading a book quietly to myself in the corner and they will want to join in and forget their squabbles.

I might get the tent out or put whatever they are squabbling with away and start water play ... anything to get them engaged with something else.

I tend to find the worst is either sleep, food or boredom related... so keep to regular top ups of food in small amounts as well.

hth :D

19-08-2009, 01:21 PM
hi thanks for the advice .. today has been better than yesterday so far.. I had one of the 2yos come talk with me whilst I got things together this morn so that separated the 4 and 2 yo.. that seemed to calm things down.. and after nap we are going in the pool so hopefully and should be better today..

I will try refocusing next time it happens.. sounds like a good idea.