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mandy moo
17-08-2009, 01:26 PM
I have just been given, what I think is a lovley/massive compliment.
As I dont know this Mum really well, her middle son is 2 years above my eldest in school, but we talk at the school gates and Playground.. And the little girl I used to mind was in reception class with her youngest son.
Considering this mum knows about my accident back in Febuary
re; almost 4yrs mindee-handbrake-car going down the road-and hurting my leg in the process.
She sent me a text today asking If I could look after her middle and youngest sons for 1 day next week (Middle son 12, is borderline autistic, I dont really know him very well or that much about Autism) and the youngest is 5yrs old and has speech difficulties.
Any how had to ring her back and say I couldnt do it as Im on holiday next week in Poole,:( She had asked her Best Friend who couldnt do it (her own child is severley Autistic) shes going out that day, and apparently she thought to herself, who else do I TRUST enough to look after my children, and thought of me :blush:

I must admit Ive been wary about taking on any more children because of the accident, and this has made me feel a bit better about everything.

17-08-2009, 01:56 PM
aww anyone can have an accident ,, it doesnt make you a bad childminder or person , why would it make people not trust you ? im sure you are really capable and you have just taken a knock to your confidence but it wont make others view you as an unreliable childminder so dont worry about that anymore .. i missed what happened with the car and it sounds scary :eek: but dont let it affect your confidence in yourself anymore cos if anything it will make you even more safety conscious than before :clapping: x

17-08-2009, 02:03 PM
Thats really lovely, and just the boost to your confidence that you needed.