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13-08-2009, 10:45 PM
Help!!! My brain seems to be gone blank, I am writing up an ob on my 18mth old we had a teddy bear picnic and she tried to feed teddy when I asked her to, she correctly pointed to the cucumber when I asked her if she wanted some.

I can usually do my obs but for what ever reason my mind just gone blank cant even think what area it covers here is what I put:xxx tried to ‘feed’ bear on our teddy bear’s picnic. I asked her to give teddy some apple, and she put spoon towards bears mouth

xxx chose what she wanted to eat, When I asked her did she want some cucumber she correctly pointed to the cucumber, she recognises words and can match what she hears to what she sees

Next step
Provide tea set & dolls/bears,
Encourage xxx to wash fruit in a bowl.
Read stories such as teddy bears picnic, paddingtion bear
Play matching games asking xxx to point to objects I say

what areas is this covering apart from cll, cd

I have photos as well


14-08-2009, 06:39 AM
I would say Psed as she is starting to use her imagination.

It's a big step forward as they feed their dolls, talk to their teddies, make up little songs while playing etc.

Sounds like you had a lovely day :D