View Full Version : Barefoot Books special Sale offers this month

04-08-2009, 07:44 PM
Amongst other offers this month are:

African Animals ABC (http://store.barefootbooks.com/uk/african-animals-abc-1.html?cID=1851&bf_affiliate_code=000-04lq) - Learn your ABC while meeting twenty-six African animals in this simple rhyming text. Notes at the end enhance the learning layers with facts about each of the animals featured. £3.99

Mama Panya's Pancakes (http://store.barefootbooks.com/uk/mama-panya-s-pancakes.html?cID=1851&bf_affiliate_code=000-04lq) - Glimpse into a Kenyan village with the story of Mama Panya and Adika’s market day and learn an important lesson about community and the rewards of sharing. Includes a helpful map, facts about Kenya, Kiswahili greetings, and even an easy-to-make pancake recipe. £3.99

One Two Skip a Few (http://store.barefootbooks.com/uk/one-two-skip-a-few.html?cID=1851&bf_affiliate_code=000-04lq) - Delight in some rhythm and verse with this jaunty collection of first number rhymes. This oversized, large big book has twenty selections, ranging from simple counting rhymes to more challenging ones that add, subtract and multiply. £8.99 - This book is huge the cat & my daughter were sitting on this singing about speckled frogs:laughing:

Loads of other lovely multicultural books & gorgeous puppets on the rest of the site