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24-07-2009, 02:55 PM

Do you all do this?

I have a long term yearly plan of my topics etc

Then I do a monthly plan around a theme. I do this for the group and also for the individual child.

Is this sufficient? Im getting boggled or maybe confusing myself :panic:


24-07-2009, 03:17 PM
What Ofsted are asking is... what is it like for a child here?

They can see the child is stimulated by your group activities such as your theme days, birthday celebrations (if appropriate), crafts and learning about global special occasions etc.

How do they know that the child is planned for individually? So long as you can show that you are following their interests and learning styles through activities designed specially for them, then you are on the right lines :D

24-07-2009, 05:08 PM
I fully agree !

hello kitty
24-07-2009, 07:51 PM
I posted this on another thread recently. I am doing the EYFS certificate and we covered planning.

Short term planning is in response to observations or information received.

Medium term planning is for the month and in my case has a topic. I put the topic in the centre of the page and the areas of learning around it and say which aspects I plan to cover. Under that I put any additional resources or visit I may use/make. Any focused activities are listed under that.

Long term planning is the environment and the role of me as the practitioner and how I support child initiated play and learning. Continuous provision generally covers this.

Showing how you cater specifically for each child is the most important factor and both Ofsted and my assessors always look for this.

hth :D

24-07-2009, 09:44 PM
I do monthly planning, covering each child, linked to the EYFS, so before i plan I do a next steps in each of the areas, this shows where I feel a child needs to go, then I put it on to a monthly plan in activities.
I also go over the months activities to show what a child has got from them and where I can improve or even if they were rubbish and not to bother doing them again!

I do not do any long term planning, apart from thinking about what I need to cover in certain months and if/how i can link it into where i think the children need to go.

Kids change so quickly, their likes/dislikes change daily and since we are suppost to be going with them mainly,adult led aside(but even this tends to be based on their interests) how can we plan so far ahead?

OFSTED was happy with what I do, she said she could see that my practice was based around each individual and this is what they wanted.