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The Juggler
21-07-2009, 06:12 PM
Sorry everyone, the link I posted takes you to a document that was written for a pandemic in 2006. Unfortunately, its the link the NCMA are currently using when you search for swine flu guidance on their site.

It seems LA's have their own guidance. No-one can seem to locate UK wide guidance for childminders but I've seen the Herts guidance (thanks Sarah) which advises CM's can work. Might be just worth checking with your own Early Years team as still nothing seems to be that clear for childminding specifically. Settings are advised not to close but this seems to be on presumption no sick people are on site which is not going to be the case if our kids/partners get the flu.

Sorry to mis-inform everyone. The DCFS need to get their act together!

22-07-2009, 06:22 AM
You've not actually mis informed anyone Juggler, it is the information that is being sent out!

Had a letter from our LA and a link to the same document was quoted for us to get information. :rolleyes:

22-07-2009, 06:45 AM
Not your fault at all

There is up to date information pinned at the top of this area though for future reference if you take a look

Angel xx

The Juggler
22-07-2009, 06:55 AM
thanks for that Pauline/Angel. That link is great Angel would just be nice if they would think of adding something prescriptive for childminders and parents (rather than schools and nurseries) about whether we can stay open or not when our family are sick!

Chatterbox Childcare
22-07-2009, 07:24 AM
This is what I got..

Managing Swine Flu in Schools and
Early Years Childcare Settings in Wiltshire

Every case of possible or confirmed swine flu in Wiltshire is being actively managed by NHS Wiltshire and the Health Protection Action (HPA). Where these cases are potentially linked to schools or early years settings, we liaise closely with the Department for Children Services at Wiltshire Council.

In the vast majority of cases, swine flu is a mild illness and those affected make a full and quick recovery.

General information regarding Swine Flu in Wiltshire

In Wiltshire, preparations relating to swine flu are being coordinated by the Health Incident Control Centre (HICC) at NHS Wiltshire, which has been operating since the swine flu virus first became an issue of significance earlier this year. The HICC deals with issues such as:

· Assisting healthcare professionals with patient queries and the management of cases
· Providing schools and early years childcare settings with advice and guidance on swine flu
· Managing the availability and distribution of antiviral medication
· Tracking and monitoring suspected and confirmed cases
· Leading the multi agency response to swine flu in Wiltshire
· Receiving and interpreting national guidance and advice to ensure that Wiltshire is fully prepared for any outbreaks

Confirmed Cases

In common with most areas of the country Wiltshire now has confirmed cases of swine flu. At present, we continue to contain outbreaks in liaison with the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

What to do when you have cases of Swine Flu in your local Community

NHS Wiltshire will work with you, providing advice and guidance on your local situation. We can also provide a template letter if required, which can be used to update and reassure parents / guardians.

Children and adults who do not have flu like symptoms or have not been confirmed as having swine flu should continue their daily routines as normal.

Staff / parents of any children who show signs of specific flu like symptoms (temperature, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, runny nose or diarrhoea) are advised to contact their doctor for advice. People are advised not to attend their surgery, in order to help limit the spread of infection.

The general advice is that schools and early years settings remain open.

What to do if you have a case of confirmed Swine Flu within your Childminding Setting

Children and adults who feel unwell are being investigated as a possible case or have been confirmed as having swine flu would be told to remain at home and self isolate.

The general advice would remain that schools and early years settings remain open, even if they have a confirmed case of swine flu within the school community.

General Information Regarding Swine Flu

For general information about swine flu visit or contact:

· NHS Choices www.nhs.uk
· The swine flu information line 0800 1513513
· NHS Direct 0845 4647
· www.hpa.org.uk

School specific information on swine flu is available at:

We advise everyone to follow good hygiene practices, including hand-washing
and the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ principles for coughs and sneezes:

· Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue whenever possible
· Dispose of dirty tissues promptly and carefully – bag and bin them
· Maintain good hygiene – washing hands frequently with soap and water
· Clean hard surfaces (e.g. kitchen worktops, door handles) frequently, using a normal cleaning product
· Stay at home when you are unwell – if you have a cough and a fever, it is best to stay at home, the medicines to relieve the symptoms and drink plenty of fluids. This will speed your recovery and help prevent the spread of infection to others