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15-07-2009, 09:37 PM
Hope someone can help, I am stuck on 2 questions. How effectively is provision in the EYFS led and managed and How effective is your provision in meeting the needs of children in the EYFS. I have Sarah e-book and it helped me withall the other questions but cant seem to get my head round these 2 questions, any help would gratefully be received.

16-07-2009, 06:59 AM
I put .......

I update my policies every 12 months so they are ready for September when term time only children come back after the summer break. All new policies are given to parents with a welcome back newsletter. I receive newsletters from my local children’s centre which have information in them that may result in updating policies more often. I aim to cover the EYFS when I’m updating my policies and I take into consideration any incidents that may have occurred in the previous 12 months. Last September I updated my exclusion policy due to taking a child back onto my books who I had previously terminated contracts with. This was done with extreme careful consideration and discussion with the children’s centre as I wanted to ensure I was within my right to make changes in order to protect ALL children.
I am a Btec qualified nursery nurse with plenty of passed experience in private nurseries, as a nanny and as a parent. I have completed the ICP along with other relevant courses for childminders. I am currently working through the Early Years Foundation courses E123 and E124 with the plan to book onto the E115 in October 2010 depending on the results from the courses I’m on right now. I am booked onto the EYFS next steps on 26th March 2009.
I am a member of thechildmindingforum where information, planning and ideas are shared. These all help to provide a good well balanced monthly plan that offers support to the children in my care whilst allowing them have fun and learn new skills too. I attend coffee mornings at school that are geared to share information with parents and carers about topics they are going to be covering in each school year.
I monitor my provision by doing regular observations on the children in the EYFS framework. I buy new equipment to replace old equipment ensuring I have plenty of stock in that caters for all children using my setting. I look at how I set equipment out, how it is used, how much the child is getting out of it and ask myself what more can I do. Once I’ve assessed activities, equipment and myself I can set about improving areas that will improve the outcomes for all children.
I am continuously checking equipment, buying new items and gaining updates from many websites for ideas on themes, activities and updates on guidelines. I feel that I have improved from my previous inspection by gaining new equipment, learning through work and study, observing children in order to learn about their individual needs and through my own experience.
I promote awareness through games, toys, hand puppets, dolls, posters, books and websites. I have policies that include partnership with parents, equal opportunities, special needs, equal opportunities and inclusion.
Regular childminding meetings at school and at the children’s centre help to keep me up to date with new ideas and themes along with new publications, training sessions and advice to ensure that I am able to provide an excellent service for all parents and children whilst making the most of my community and leading by example to others through policies information sharing and communication.

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How effective is your provision in meeting the needs of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage?
When planning I take into consideration the individual needs of my EYFS children at the same time as listening to all children, we aim to plan together to come up with ideas for themes and activities allowing all children to have input that results into being able to provide things they have requested or suggested.
I aim to use the EYFS framework as a guide to help me provide what each child needs in order to allow them to achieve and develop whilst having fun and reaching learning goals. When planning I use the 6 areas of learning and development to ensure I am covering everything that the child needs to progress along their learning journey.
I aim to provide the best I can to ensure each individual child’s welfare. I encourage all children to develop partnerships outside of my setting these being play at another childminder’s home, play sessions at the children’s centre, and at nursery/school. I also guide children to talk with other adults in suitable environments such as the library when we exchange books, saying please and thank you when we order food if we eat out, making payments at tescos or at the local shops and thanking the lollipop man each time he helps us to cross the road. All of these are covered in role play, reading books and the child’s experience.
I feel that I am meeting the needs of all children in my care and aim to continue to improve their development through planning, play, observations and communication with parents.

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Thank you for your help I will pinch some of your ideas if you dont mind. What would be priorities for improvement?