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14-07-2009, 01:56 PM
One of my little mindees came yesterday with green snotty nose and sneezing an awful lot (aged just 2), Looked rosy cheeked before going home so took temp as a precaution (although seemed ok in herself, just a little quiet) temp 38.4. Suggested to parent on collection not to send today if still has temp. Got a phonecall this morn to say temp fine, child fine but thick green snotty nose and croaky voice; I suggested keep at home today as none of my other mindees have any cold/caugh symptoms, I didn't suggest I thought it was swine flu, nor do I necessarily think it is more so than a 'normal' cold (but how do I know?). If mindee has not had temp today and doesn't have tomorrow, I am thinking of whether to allow mindee back into the setting but part of me doesn't want the cold/sore throat being spread around the setting. I usually accept children with snotty noses and caughs, otherwise parents would be taking alot of time off work! What do you all think? would appreciate anothers perspective on this. Thanks

14-07-2009, 04:16 PM
My own child (and me) have a viral infection at the moment. We have thick green snotty nose and my DD has a temp but only today. I really think we don't have flu and are carrying on as normal. Flu is pretty dehabilitating even when its mild so unless they are bad I would take her back.

14-07-2009, 04:46 PM
I have just been discussing swine flu detection with a doctor friend of mine. She said there are 2 main differences between flu and colds. The first is the temperature and the second is the speed of onset. Apparently colds usually take 2 - 3 days to reach their peak, so you feel increasingly unwell. A flu virus attacks the body so violently that the onset of symptoms is very quick. It is therefore odds on if she was a bit unwell yesterday and a bit worse today then it is just a cold. My 2 boys are both quite snotty at the moment, but both have been like it since the weekend so I'm guessing it is no more than a cold (plus the doctor reassured me this afternoon :blush: )

14-07-2009, 05:58 PM
Thanks for the replies, that is reassuring. I just don't want to overreact or underreact!!

Tippy Toes
14-07-2009, 09:39 PM
Thats the thing, you are in an awkward situation as are all of us. It really hard not to be over cautious and wondering what to do.