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13-07-2009, 07:36 PM
hi guys
some advice needed. i have an 18month old mindee who is going through a biting stage and a bad one at that, he has drawn blood on me and given some of the other mindees nasty bruises. the trigger is definatly when i say no to him, he use to bang his head but now bites instead

parents are at the end of their teather as well as he does exactly the same with them,

any advice would be appreciated x

13-07-2009, 07:45 PM
I have a 21month old full timer who has just come out the other side of a nasty biting stage - he actually scarred one child on the face :(
First of all - remember it is a completely normal stage for some children to go through.
I found that with this child, saying no did not help at all - I was giving him some attention rather than none.
I dealt with it by: not saying a word to him and picking him up, removing him and sitting him away from everyone else, or starpping him in a buggy if we were out.
He HATED being ignored!
After a minute I would go back to him and say very clearly "you must not bite" The whole time he was in his 'time out', I would make a big fuss of the child who had been bitten so he would learn that biting would gain him nothing.

3 months down the line he is getting there. He still bites mum and dad, but they are dealing with him as I did to be as consistent as possible.
He still has the odd off day - for example, last week a childminding friend of mine had him for me for a couple of hours, and he spent the whole time trying to bite her mindee but on the whole it is much better.

Stick with it hun x

13-07-2009, 07:53 PM
I have no solutions I'm afraid - I never did sort out my biter (Mum went on maternity leave before we got through it) but I did what Georgie said - ignoring and time outing them, and giving attention to theother child and it did help. Somebody on here suggested tactile play to me - like playdough - and he did love that, it kept him occupied for hours. He was 22 months..... x