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12-07-2009, 11:32 AM
We had arranged by phone for the visit to take place on Friday 10am. She arrived dot on 10!! We had only spoke on the phone for 5minutes but she seemed really friendly and was the same during inspection.

She was there alltogether for 40 minutes, for the first 20 minutes we spoke about my involvment with food/drinks ( i only provide snacks and drinks)
She did ask to see my policys on food and drink, and also my sick child policy.
She liked how I typed in bold that children should'nt return to my setting until 48 hours have passed with no symptoms.......

Questions asked were;

Where do you buy your food?
How often do you shop?
Allergies, how is this recorded if child has any?
How many children on books at the minute?
When parents provide meals, how do I store these?
Do I have any pets?
Do I intend to have pets in the future?

Then she did explain that if I decide to provide meals myself in the future, that I should contact them to inform them of this. They will then send out an information pack which I have to keep updated with details of fridge tempreture checks, meals provided etc... (more paperwork!! :angry: )
She did say that soon will be a pack available especially for childminders and to keep an eye-out for this on

After that she had a quick look round the kitchen (she did'nt look in the fridge, but did ask if I had a fridge thermometer)

Other questions asked were;

When do I do my washing?
How do I dry my dishes?
What do I use to clean surfaces, high chairs, tables?
What do I use to clean changing mats?! (definately not with cloths I use to clean the dishes lol!!)

She said she was happy about how I was handling my food and drink, and did'nt see any problems whatsoever. Therefore I should expect to be visited only every 4-5 years. If I do provide main meals, maybe more frequent visits will be made. :)

12-07-2009, 11:35 AM
Sounds like your Enviro health department is going full on with inspections. Mine was a lot more basic and was only half an hour.

I use the Better Food Safer Business pack (or which ever way round it is lol) and she was more than happy with that