View Full Version : Real nappies how to store the smelly ones!?

10-07-2009, 10:50 AM
Hi, what do you do with wet and dirty real nappies. Do you just put them in a bag for the parents or use a nappy pail? It just seems so mean at the end of a long day to hand the parent a big bag or pail of stinky nappies:blush:
Maybe i should offer a laundering service and get paid for that :idea:

10-07-2009, 11:37 AM
Ewww I'm not sure about laundering them!?!

They should be scraped down the toilet and go in a covered bucket - outside until mum collects them.

You could line the bucket so she just has to pick up a bag ... :D

10-07-2009, 11:42 AM
The first time I had a child with real nappies I said I would wash them - BIG mistake!! Now I put them in a bag outside which they collect.

I dont care if they have had a long day at work. Its their choice to use those nappies. Plus, I also work long hard days. Ive got my own stuff to do after I finish work (I dont actually finish "work" until at least 8pm on a daily basis, after tidying, cleaning and getting on top of paperwork. No way am I going to be washing someone elses kids dirty nappies. Forget it!!


10-07-2009, 11:43 AM
when used the for my son i put them in a nappy bucket in water with t tree oil to soak and when we went out in scrapped them out and tied them in nappy sacks.
i wouldnt feel guilty about handing them back, its her choice to use them so she must expcet the dirty ones at the end of the day.

10-07-2009, 11:47 AM
Ds's cloth nappies go into a nappy bucket in the bathroom. Not sure what Ofsted's requirements on it are though.
I also have a bin in there for mindee's disposables.

When I'm out I take a PUL nappy bag (http://www.babykind.co.uk/nappyessentials.htm#mttote) with a zip with me to put any used nappies in.
This is what I used to send to dd's nursery when she was in nappies. They never scraped the poo off & just popped them into the bag on her peg.
tbh if a parent sent cloth nappies to me I would be scraping poo off either, they would just be put in the bag in the bathroom.
I might wash them though but only because ds uses cloth nappies so wouldn't be any extra work for me.

Mum could send flushable liners (http://www.babykind.co.uk/boostersandliners.htm#flushable) that just flush down the loo so the nappy's are easier to clean.

10-07-2009, 11:52 AM
I forgot to ask, Why do ofsted expect nappies to be stored outside? Is it not ok to leave them in the bathroom.

I can't put my own ds' outside & if I did it with mindee's the cat would be scratching the bag & also I only have a small garden so they'd be laying around where the children are playing. At least in a bag in the toilet the children aren't playing near them.

The smell from nappies left outside all day in this heat is not going to be nice

10-07-2009, 12:20 PM
omg i havent done reuseables for my own 2 so i certainly wouldnt want to use them for others children - could you say that u only use disposables? i really have a thing about reuseables ~ i know it isnt very green of me but i try to make up for that in other ways ..... blergh!

10-07-2009, 12:49 PM
Thanks for all your replies and experiences! I used real nappies for my two when they were between 6 months and 2yrs old (when they fitted properly), but then i could not find clothes that would allow for a big fat nappy!
The mum is going to provide liners, so i think i'll get some bin bags and line a nappy pail, then the mum can pull out the bag at the end of the day.
Moment of madness thinking that i would launder them :rolleyes:
But that was the first question she asked me was "Are you happy about dealing with real nappies?"
Also into babywearing, so quite a 'hippy' mum , but it should be fun...i hope :laughing:

10-07-2009, 12:55 PM
Be warned some real nappies are useless, I found myself changing the child all the time and still couldn't keep her clothes dry.

My daughter used a different make and they were fine


10-07-2009, 01:01 PM
The only thing with using bin bags is she may be using cloth for environmental reasons so may not want to be throwing a bin bag away at the end of the day.
She may be happier using a washable bag to take them home with which you could line the nappy bucket with.

10-07-2009, 01:21 PM
i take the lining out and put the nappy in a fragranced nappy sack which i tie at the top

one parent recycles the nappy sacks but i bin them, im all for recycling but not used bags:(

10-07-2009, 01:39 PM
I have a nappy bag where the nappies go in. I drop the liner plus contents into the toilet..(I think it is better that way..) and then keep them in the bag in the cupboard under the stairs until they get washed.

if a parent was using real nappies I would do the same..
they must expect the nappies to be sent home dirty..but to be honest I would not want to send the poo with them...maybe nurseries do ,but personally I wouldnt mind dropping it into the loo (if there is a liner..I would not be doing any scraping as such)

I might (as I am not very sensible that way) offer to pop them in for a prewash if I do my dd's nappies, but this would not be a guarantuess more a if I do them..I might put more in anyways...

but do whatever works for you.

10-07-2009, 03:41 PM
I used a box with a hinged lid which had a clip so it didnt open easily, just got it from wilko not a proper nappy bucket. Stick a few drops of tea tree oil in the bottom and it smells much better and is supposed to be antibacterial. I found the 'soup' you got if you soaked them worse than the nappies! I also used fleece liners rather than flushable, I found the flushables screwed up so you got more poo on the nappy and skin was quite wet. Fleece is pretty easy to clean, it doesnt stick to it well and you can use an old bit of fleece so nice and cheap. Useful to know if you ever run out of flushables too!

10-07-2009, 04:07 PM
When one of my mindees was younger he was in washables. Mum provided a lidded bucket, filled with clean nappies for 2 days. I sent it home full of dirty ones on the second day - kept it in the shed outside the back door.

Wet ones I put straight in, really nasty ones I put in a nappy sack first so she was prepared!

Mum cleaned it and sent it back the next time smelling of tea tree and full of clean nappies again. This went on for the 2 years he was in nappies with me and worked fine.

10-07-2009, 04:32 PM
i use cloth for my dd. i also did it for both ds's.

anyhow i now dry pail the nappies in a lidded bucket. a few drops of teatree oil (no water) and bob's your uncle.

i also use fleece liners and flushable liners and if the latter has contents, that is dropped down the toilet.

ofsted didn't notice them at my pre-reg so not sure what their stance is. bucket is kept in my only bathroom upstairs.

if we are out, i dispose of contents and tie up in a nappy sack and put into bucket when i get home.