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09-07-2009, 07:15 PM

Wondered if anyone can advise me on this....?

I have 5 yr old & 7 yr old siblings starting with me regularly for after-school care in September, with a settling in session next week.

It will only be once a week for an hour and a half.

What do I need to be doing paperwork-wise to satisfy Ofsted, as the 5 yr old is coming to the end of the EYFS shortly and the 7 yr old is out of it?

Also, as far as satisfying Ofsted with providing activities for them, what do I need to do? I am happy to organise activities for them, however the parents have suggested that they are happy for them to chill out in front of the TV/DVD as this is what they do at home as they are usually extremely tired and they feel they have done enough 'organised' activity all day at school so just want them to basically be able to collapse & do nothing when they come to me - can't see plonking them in front of the TV will rub off too well with Ofsted on my behalf though? :rolleyes:

Do you think if I include activities for them in my planning, but note that they were unsuccessful as they were too tired to be interested might work??;)

Any suggestions will be most appreciated..!

09-07-2009, 07:22 PM
Under 2 hours a week isn't classed as childminding...

I would check with Ofsted but I'm pretty sure I'm right you would only need paperwork etc for good practice and certainly not obs etc


09-07-2009, 08:01 PM
Thanks Sarah,

Didn't know that..! Will give Ofsted a call to clarify things.

Many thanks x :)

10-07-2009, 07:34 AM
Whilst i agree that under two hours isn't strictly classed as minding and you could get away without doing much planning etc i would suggest that actually doing the planning will make things easier.

Since i got a grip with EYFS i use it with ALL age groups and identify their likes and dislikes and doing planning with a theme means that art and craft activities are more focused and the children don't get bored so quickly. It makes my life more intersting too and you can always re jig the planning for younger children at a later date. It also shows the parents that you are providing good quality care which has substance. They can still slob out with the TV every so often if they like but at least they have options.