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06-07-2009, 01:09 PM
If you collect & drop off children away from your house, do you carry an existing injuries for with you in case one needs to be filled in or do you write one up once you get home & then ask parent to sign it at drop off time?

Also if you pick a child up at school or nursery & they have had an accident there do you need to fill in an existing injuries form & get the nursery staff to sign it or s it ok not to if nursery have written it up in there accident book?

hope that makes sense, rushing out for the school run now

Chatterbox Childcare
06-07-2009, 01:13 PM
I only use my record book if it is serious otherwise I would have a lot of A4 pages everywhere.

I use an exercise book for each child that scraps and bumps going in to, along with any from home.

Obviously serious ones would go into the carbonised book.

Ofsted were fine with this and a book would be easy to carry around.