View Full Version : Hi Pip and I are now registered

06-07-2009, 09:00 AM
Hi All,
We finally got our certifcates through:jump for joy: but our situation is a little bit complicated:rolleyes: .Pip is expecting her 1st baby(due 1st week in sept)and at present we are not sure when she will be childminding from my house.I on the other hand have my 1st mindee starting on 16th July(she is a friends daughter)My own 3 children break up for summer on 17th,now my question is can i just have the 1 mindee for the summer even though i am registered to have 4 if i am working with Pip or 5 if on my own or have i got to be willing to take on up to the number i am registered for.Also i am still waiting for my NCMA box but was lucky that a friend who has given up childminding gave me her box with some contracts etc..will these be ok to use or have the contracts changed???

I would be grateful of any help answering my queries.

Many thanks