View Full Version : Mindee still not here

25-06-2009, 08:59 AM
he was supposed to be here between 8am-8.30 am thought mum must be running late and as a rule parents know if they not here by 8.30 then they got to wait till I get back from school run at 9am, so I had presumed this is what had happend.

Anyway it is now 10am and still not arrived no phone call nothing :eek: I have a picnic arranged for 12 and I WILL be going with or without mindee not fair on others anyway I have to be there I am the organiser lol

Really hope everything is ok with mindee, as I have tried to ring and no answer, have just text now so hopefully will get a reply. Mum is a bit scatty and sometimes forgets what day she has booked mindee in, he only comes 1 day a week and she swaps days if I have a space available, hope she doesnt think we have swapped this week as we havent:rolleyes:

25-06-2009, 09:08 AM
I had that on Tuesday. The children weren't here half an hour after their due time and I was just thinking about phoning mum when phoned me on a different matter. I said, 'aren't you bringing the children today?' She'd asked me to change days, then forgotten!

It means I have to have them for an hour tomorrow, which is a pain as I would have had the whole day off if she'd remembered she'd asked to swap!

25-06-2009, 11:04 AM
I had one turn up 3 hours late with no phone call or anything yesterday!. Wondered why I wasnt in. :angry:
Asked her to drop mindee off where we were as we had gone to meet friends and have a picnic!:D

25-06-2009, 12:23 PM
I have one that does this ALL the time :angry: It really bugs me but they are self employed, but then they think nothing of collecting 1/2 hour after I have closed! Leaving in Sept though - phew :cool:

The most annoying thing is they ring me at 8.30 when they know I leave for school - asking me to hang on as they are only 2 mins away then turn up at 8.55am making my son late for pre-school :panic: now I just don't answer phone and if they ring mobile return their call once I get to school!

mrs c
25-06-2009, 01:00 PM
I had something similar today. Mum rang 5 mins before they were due and said she was on her way and it was almost an hour before she arrived - they live less than 5 mins away. Thing is everytime you hear a car you think they have arrived and I'm up and down like a yoyo. Its meant I couldn't do what I originally had planned due to another pick up and its a slow start to the day.