View Full Version : knew my hours were too good to be true!

Jelly Baby
17-06-2009, 11:32 AM
I currently do during the days:

Monday 9-11 (1 child)
Tues 9-11 (1 child)
wed 9-12 (2 children)
thur 9-3 (2 children)
fri 9-5 (2 children)
In about 4 weeks i will be back to all days with 1 child so very easy days! never feel like i work mon tues or weds as so short and the mum often gives me very short notice at days off so i get paid for them too! BUT she has just told me she has her job interview tommorow (did tell me about it about a week ago) and she really hopes she gets it but the hours will obviously change..they will be:

Mon 8.15-5.30
tue 8.15-5.30
wed 8.15-5.30
thur a diff child
Fridays OFF!!
or poss 6 can't remember, i did say i look after kids after school till 6 anyway mon and wed so not a prob, tuesdays i dont work in the afternoon but still she is as good as gold so not a prob..my only worry is the morning and im not sure how i stand with dh having her for half hour while i do the school run..can he have her or does he have to do the school run as my cert has changed to the early years one? if anyone could help with this i would much appreciate it..either way i hope i can do it and want ot as she will be my only full child apart from a thur when i will have 2!

Dh has just rung and i mentioned it, he said fine to having her if need be as she is a lovely child! bless!

Typical though as i was saying that i would have an easy life soon! She may not get it yet but hope she does!

17-06-2009, 12:14 PM
Oh well think of the money!

I'd love to have just half those hours especially considering the current climate.

Jelly Baby
17-06-2009, 12:22 PM
See the moneys not much more as currently i charge her £20 per day as it was only half days if that and we stuck to the same fees as she had used before so we knew where we both were..

17-06-2009, 12:31 PM

If your hubby is not a registered childminder, you cannot leave the minded child with him for any period of time at all. If the school run is just for your own children, he will have to do that for you instead.

Even if you get permission from the parent, your hubby will not be insured to look after her.


Curly Quavers
17-06-2009, 12:42 PM
I am not sure on this one. If it is for an emergency then yes you are aloud to leave mindees with your DH but not sure if it is the same for a regular basis.

Sorry I am not much use :blush: :D

17-06-2009, 12:55 PM
Re the hours... enjoy your day off on Fri! I often have mine off too and use it for studying, cleaning etc. Really useful. Plus the £££ is good on the long days.

Re your hubby, I do not think this is allowed... I would phone Ofsted and see what they say?

17-06-2009, 12:57 PM
I dont think you are allowed to leave the mindee with your dh for any reason other than an emergency even if you have the parents permission if they are your children on the school run he will have to do that:)