View Full Version : How long will it take?

Tippy Toes
14-06-2009, 10:23 PM
Ive been registered since end of April, had a few phone calls but no contracts signed yet.

Just wondering how long it took you to get your first mindee?

And how did you get your 1st mindee?

Really want/cant wait to start my carear as a childminder but im still waiting to get some mindees?? :blush:

14-06-2009, 10:43 PM
I was lucky and already had 3 mindees lined up before I started, I knew 2 of them from the Creche I worked at and I was recommended to the 3rd by one of the first 2! My 4th mindee was passed to me from another cm I know that was full. Alot of it is word of mouth.

I have also had loads of enquiries from people at toddler groups. I go to a different one just about every day with my own son and mindees and you know how you get chatting and they ask how old's the little one etc. As soon as i say well this one's not mine I'm a childminder, word soon gets round.

Most other enquiries come from the CIS so it's worth getting yourself on their database if there is one in your area. If you have your own little ones at nursery or school that's another way of getting yourself 'known' as a childminder - people notice when you have extra children that aren't yours (!!) and may need some part-time care or after school.

Good luck with it, you'll get some mindees soon and as someone else said on here mindees are like buses - you are quiet now but all of a sudden you'll have more than you can fit in!