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09-06-2009, 03:15 PM

I havent started minding yet but am waiting for a mom to come back and sign for a 10 month old only starting in Oct.
However Ofsted just increased my afterschoolers to 3. My area is not really good for advertising and I am wanting to approach my nearby schools to advertise. I did it to one school by dropping by and he just advised me to go to Local Children's centre as they sort out childcare through them. However my childrens centre said they do not allow childminders to advertise.

Now I am thinking of either dropping by but with a letter and my "very beautiful" postcard made through VistaPrint. But ideally want it to go through their newsletters or just where parents can see it and then maybe I might get kids for the summer holidays.

Any idea of how I can word it or if anyone has done this before just to guide me in doing it proper please?

Thanks in advance

09-06-2009, 03:24 PM
I approached my childrens very proactive and pro-community headmaster - he allowed me to send out leaflets via each and every child in the school all I had to do was put them in bundles of 30, I also advertise within the nursery and on the school notice boards in the playgrounds PLUS he has promised a link to my website (when I get one done) from the school one!!! Hows that for great!.

I think its just a case of going to see the organ grinder (ie the head) and presenting some options - can I send leaflets out via the classes or can I hand out some leaflets in the playground OR could I stand at the gates and hand leaflets out there..... etc etc.

09-06-2009, 03:50 PM
depends upon the head teacher!

our head won't allow us to advertise, other than one big (A4) poster advertising the local childminding group, on the notice board! :angry:

so much for working together! especially as childminders provide ALL the wraparound care for the school!

new head next year .... fingers crossed things will change!

good luck!