View Full Version : Are you allowed more children if you have an assistant?

20-05-2009, 09:38 AM
Hi, i was thinking of having an assistant which would be my mum lol i know god help me:laughing:
I am currently allowed 6 children, 4 under 5( i had a ratio change in 2007) and 2 over 5.
Do ofsted allow you to have more children if yo have an assistant full time?
Any replys would be apprechiated.

20-05-2009, 10:45 AM
Not usually no, because the assistant is not a registered childminder.

You are best to contact Ofsted about your individual circumstances :D

20-05-2009, 11:07 AM
Hi Farrah,

Another childminder who lives in my village is registered for 12 as she has a full time assistant, she can have 6 in the early years age group and six over, but the assistant and the childminder must be present at all times contact Ofsted.

Straws xx

20-05-2009, 12:30 PM
Thank you for the replys.
I have rang Ofsted i have to fill some forms in and they will get back to me.

20-05-2009, 12:39 PM
when i had my inspection i mentioned to the ins. that i was thinking of registering my daughter/s to be assistants, because theyre students and here quite a bit:rolleyes: she said fine they just must have first aid etc. when my certificate came it just said when working with an assistant may have 6 under 8 of these no more than 6 must be in early years group with not more than 2 under one year so yes this doubles the number im allowed on my own. also it says may at times agreed and in writing by parents leave assistant in sole charge of children on the early years register. well it doesnt double the number just means you can have more in early years. im probably just confusing everyone :rolleyes: