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02-05-2009, 08:08 PM

Just thought I would ask this as we are thinking about having a raised pond in our garden when we landscape it. Obviously it would be safe. It will be in a totally seperate area to where the children play and will not be accessible unless children are supervised. My husband really wants a pond but I just wondered if anyone else has one and how Ofsted were about it. They already know we are going to be doing the garden.

My garden is on four different levels and the top two will be used for childrens play. The third level will have the pond right at the back. The levels will be fenced off and between the second/third level there will be a padlocked gate. The second level will be used for the older children as well and of course they will be supervised. My hubby has already said that he will make it very safe as we have small children.

I just wanted to get thoughts/ideas before I contact Ofsted to see if it will be a problem.

It will be a shame if we can't have it as we get loads of frogs etc in our garden. I would love some frog spawn!

Let me know if any of you have a pond.......................:)

02-05-2009, 08:20 PM
Some years ago my friend had a problem with Ofsted and a bird bath on her patio! She had to get rid of it as the inspector said it was a drowning hazard.

It's a bit different now because if you ask they will quote the requirements at you which say that you must prove the children are not at risk through rigorous risk assessments, fencing etc.

However, you still will not know the individual feelings of inspectors on the subject until the day of your inspection.

Hth :D

02-05-2009, 08:36 PM
I have two ponds.

One is a tiny mini wildlife pond, which is only 6 inches across and surrounded by old logs and plants, accessible to children.

The other is a much larger pond, often has 4 or 5 ducks swimming in it, it is however in our locked animal area of the garden, so children are only ever allowed in on a strict one to one ratio.

Ofsted have seen both and are fine with my risk assessments of them.