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26-04-2009, 07:49 PM
Our toy library is struggling financially. I've been going every 2 weeks since I registered and to be honest the range of toys isn't brilliant however at the moment they are all new to my mindees and daughters but can see we will get through them all soon.

The problem is they have only funding to open one day a week and very little for new toys. They said they have tried to get funding but because it isn't open to the public they aren't entitled to any.

Does anyone have any ideas for them? I was wondering whether they could have a few select toys that could be for the public and the rest for childcare provisions to enable them to get more grant money.

How are other toy libraries run?

26-04-2009, 07:57 PM
I used to run a toy library which was based in a children's center and open to everyone so we could get lots of funding. So the only way forward would be to open to the public or start doing their own fund raising eg sponsored walks etc.

26-04-2009, 08:02 PM
Ours is based in our children's centre and is also open to the public. We have a membership number (which you don't have to remember - just as well as I can't remember mine at all :laughing: ) and you can borrow as many toys as you like for 50p per item.

You can also keep them for as long as you like too but if it were me running it I'd impose a limit on how long you can keep them for as theoretically you could keep something forever! :eek:

hectors house
27-04-2009, 10:35 AM
Our toy library opens 3 mornings a week in 3 different venues (different toys in each one), you can stay and play at no charge or if you want to borrow toys it is £12 for the year - (up to 6 toys for up to 3 weeks).

They generally operate out of the children's centres and probably get funding through that.

Hope yours keeps going as it is a good way of finding out what children like playing with - if something is really popular and we have to give it back (can renew) or I look out for similar in charity shop or boot sale. Have borrowed things before that I think are great and the kids just aren't bothered about - but at least I haven't bought it and wasted my money.

27-04-2009, 10:52 AM
Our toy libary is run by parenting 2000 and is in local children centres open to the public BUT they are only being given short term funding at a time and could possibly close come July 2009.

They have stopped charging to hire for toys but still have to pay for batteries for the toys which I think is a bit daft everyone could afford 50p a wk to hire toys. The lady in charge has tried telling her boss this but no use:(

Good luck with fund raising, maybe a sponsored bounce on a trampoline (small one), toddler toddle, cake sale (needing cakes to be donated) etc....