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20-04-2009, 12:26 PM
oh joy!

had a LO this morning (2 3/4yr) who mum decided to potty train over easter, to our amazement, he seems to have got the idea !!! (always had such full nappies, and seemingly no idea!) ... so, we have had a really good morning, with a few wee's in the potty and NO accidents!

then, just as mum parks the car, he wee's on playroom floor, poohs in his pants and then says no when i asked if he had !!!

mum sorted him out (thankfully!) and he was so not bothered about it!

any ideas? i don't want him to have a 'thing' about poohing, but mum said he always does them in his pants, and as yet, doesn't seem to know he needs one:eek: she doesn't want to use pull ups/nappies as she thinks he will be lazy and wee in them too ... i agree with her! but he never poohs at the same time each day! and does 2-5 a day too!

i think we will be spending ALOT of time outdoors! (we had been outside all morning, only just come in!)

the other 'issue' is that he is a large lad, and doesn't like to sit on the potty, so picks up the insert to wee into ( he was doing it at home, and as i have the same potty ... its fine! ) he won't use the toilet yet. BUT, if he won't sit on the potty (or toilet) to pooh ... then surely he is going to continue to soil himself!

sorry, think i'm rambling, i just can't quite get my head around a 'plan' !

thanks loocyloo x

20-04-2009, 01:11 PM
I had a child like that ....

I was a little harsh to be honest and made him sit in exchange for a sticker as he missed the loo and kept getting the carpet wet.

One day he sat to gain his sticker and started to strain, he wanted to jump off but I stopped him. He cried and I felt awful ... i was sat on the floor convincing him to stay. He did it! and gained an extra sticker and also a walk to the shops to buy a sweet too ... was on the way to school anyway lol.

i made sure i had bigger stickers for poo's and I sat with him .. was easy as only had him no other mindees in my care. He soon got the idea and only pooped at home as parents didnt sit with him.

It is a matter of who has the most willpower and how firm you feel you can be with him.